Digitalridah 23:14 19 Nov 2008

Hey Guys

I'm trying to stop AVGRSX to stop loading on Start up, Since you can't just stop it in the task manager but the only way I have been able to do this is by Shutting down the WATCHDOG in the MSconfig. But If you shut down WatchDog in MSconfig
It completly shuts down all applications in AVG and you are not even able to do a virus scan at all. Does anyone know how to shut down the RSX file independantle from Watch Dog and while leaving AVG able to run the virus scans?
the RSX file takes up way to much Memory For my liking. all most as much as having a browser open.

  Terminus90 01:04 20 Nov 2008

why don't you place the file in your recycle bin, then re-boot. You will then find out if AVG needs this file to run the program. You can then delete or restore it from the recycle bin.
Personally I think you will disengage your virus checker, or worse.

  birdface 08:11 20 Nov 2008

Looks like it is the resident shield that is the problem.Of course you could switch it off but not recommended as it gives you full time protection.I know exactly what you meen mine is the same but my CPU can go as high as 80%.It slows my computer down a lot but if you want full protection you need to leave it on.The choice is yours.

  birdface 08:18 20 Nov 2008

If you wish to switch it off[not recommended]Tools.Advanced Settings.Resident Shield.Untick enable Resident shield.Apply ok.While in there go to Ignore faulty conditions.And put a tick beside resident shield.Apply.Ok. That will stop you from getting warnings that resident is turned off.

  MAJ 09:06 20 Nov 2008

I had the same problem with it on only one of my computers, the others happily ran it without problems. I uninstalled it from the problem computer and reinstalled it, making sure to disable the Scheduled scan, now no problems at all. At the moment, memory usage is 53MB and CPU is zero, Resident shield is active.

  birdface 11:18 20 Nov 2008

So what happens when you open a new window.My resident shield automatically checks the new window using up to 80% of the CPU.I have scheduled scan switched off and scan manually.It is the full time protection that the resident shield gives you that uses up the CPU but if you want to stay safe you have to let it run.I had it switched of for a while and in that time I had Rogue Anti-Spyware programs trying to download on to my computer occasionally.Since turning resident shield back on .No problems. Unfortunately when changing pages I get AVG,A Squared and the Firewall checking at the same time which slows the computer down to a crawl.Better safe than sorry.Just some new memory needed and that should sort that out.

  MAJ 11:31 20 Nov 2008

If I open a new internet explorer window or change webpages it goes up to about 2% CPU usage, if I open an application, Word, Filezilla, Photoshop, etc. it goes up to about 12% CPU usage.

  MAJ 11:33 20 Nov 2008

front door bell rang.

I was going on to say, that after that, when the window or application is open, it drops back to 0% CPU usage.

  Terminus90 12:26 20 Nov 2008

of course you could add more memory to your pc.

  birdface 14:14 20 Nov 2008

Old computer.Not worth spending any money on it.

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