snowy30 00:12 03 Jul 2008

I found this on another group and as I have AVG 7.5 wondered if anyone else had it too? Read this and tell me what you think please.

Avg 7.5 free is going to expire and will no longer be supported. At their website they say it will be May 31. However, this is an error. It will expire on December 31. You will be prompted to download Avg 8.


This is a new software full of bugs and will slow your system down. The email function expires after 30 days too. There are also certain functions that you download that you cannot disable, except for a revamped yahoo toolbar. You are not told that it is yahoo. The software also is not compatible with some of the other antispys.

If you have Vista, you will be prompted to download an update from microsoft that your computer may not need. The box says you have to have it to install the Avg 8.
This update erases code and may cause your computer to malfunction.

Everyone (all the computer geeks) is deleting Avg entirely, including the virus vault and downloading Avira. You can get a free personal version at their website.

The amazing thing about all this is, although people have loved Avg free, including me, it has been discovered that all along it was the unknown cause of many problems - slow computers, slow connections. Community Feedback has now taken Avg free off their recommended antivirus software.

I had avg on my dell laptop for years. It was so slow to start. It took forever. I took the avg off, downloaded avira, and now the computer starts up very quickly.
I have Vista on my new computer. I downloaded avg 8 and it took me 9 hours to repair the damage. I had avg 7.5 on it, and everytime I turned on the computer I had to do a system restore. Since I have unistalled avg, I have not had that problem. I have installed avira on it now and it is working so much better.

the other option is Avast. However, people have reported problems with it, so your best bet is Avira.

  Technotiger 00:33 03 Jul 2008

What a load of rubbish - I am using XP and AVG8 Free version, it is Grrreat! I have friends using Vista who also have AVG8 Free and who also have no problems with it.

  snowy30 01:01 03 Jul 2008

I hadn't any problems either to be honest

  cocteau48 06:49 03 Jul 2008

Major upgrade (update within program) to AVG8 Free yesterday which has cured the incompatibility with other antispyware.

  birdface 10:09 03 Jul 2008

If you have an old computer like mine it will slow your computer down.I have Link Scanner.Resident Shield and Automatic scan turned off which helps.I can't see the point of upgrading as I will have to get a new computer eventually.I also have McAfee Site Advisor and there is a bit of a conflict between that and the resident shield which uses up a lot of the CPU.I have been told that others with modern computers have no problem at all.The E-mail expires after 30 days.No it doesn't.Yahoo Toolbar not on mine there's not.Im afraid you have quite a few of your facts wrong and can only assume that you have never used AVG 8.So maybe give it a try before you try to rubbish it.

  Halmer 10:42 03 Jul 2008

to present on a Vista and XP PCs. It's brilliant and has never let me down.

The latest version click here is completely free and excellent.

  PalaeoBill 11:10 03 Jul 2008

I'm with Technotiger ( for once :) ). I've been using AVG8 with 1 XP Home and 2 XP Pro machines since the first notice of its availability. No problems, no appreciable slowdowns, just a different user interface.

  interzone55 11:47 03 Jul 2008

That looks like a post from someone who works for Avira.

AVG 8 is much better than 7.5, the only feature I don't like is the Linkscanner - this slows down page loading, and causes lots of extra traffic as the scanner visits each link on a web page.

Several web site owners have complained about this feature as it's falsely inflating their page hit stats, and it's increasing their bandwidth views.

With yesterday's update you can now turn the linkscanner feature off without the systray icon showing an error ststus...

  Halmer 13:27 03 Jul 2008

"With yesterday's update you can now turn the linkscanner feature off without the systray icon showing an error ststus..."

Shows an error status still on mine if I turn Linkscanner off.

  interzone55 13:51 03 Jul 2008

I've not tried it yet as I'm at work, but the change log suggests that you can tell the program to ignore modules that are in error status...

  cocteau48 13:57 03 Jul 2008

Within the main GUI go:Tools/Advanced Settings/Ignore Faulty Conditions and you turn off any module without affecting the task bar icon.

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