thumbscrew 22:19 23 May 2008

Phew, has anyone downloaded AVG Anti-Virus 8 yet? What a nightmare. I put it on tonight, first thing it paralysed my e-mails with some sort of scanner, which I removed. The entire thing is massively more complicated than its predecessor...unnecessarily so..simple is by far the best! After performing a scan which seemed never ending...even the "Fast scan" takes longer than the complete one before, I gave up and uninstalled. It even took 30 minutes to install. Some upgrade!

  Technotiger 22:29 23 May 2008

I have been using the latest AVG8 Free for several days now, no problems at all.

  Conny 22:34 23 May 2008

I tried to install it earlier and it said download time would be 12 hrs 50 mins so stopped it. Might try it again later or tomorrow.

  Technotiger 22:37 23 May 2008

If it is the Free AVG8 you are meaning, then it is best to download from click here

  thumbscrew 22:42 23 May 2008

Evening Technotiger, I downloaded from that site but my comments about it still apply.

  Creditman 22:59 23 May 2008

I installed AVG free v.8 today with some hassle. During installation I was told another anti virus programme was on system & I should remove it. As I don't have another one I ignored this & continued. Just when I thought it was finished I was told installation had failed with 41 problems ! So I exited & unistalled free version 7 - altho this should not be necessary. Finally it did complete & I tried to register for the free user forum which reqired email address & user name. My e-mail address was rejected ! So I gave up on forum registration. At least v.8 is now running. The whole process lasted about 1.5 hours.

  thumbscrew 23:13 23 May 2008

Yes I too had the "Remove another anti-virus program", which is, of course rubbish as more than one is sensible and acceptable. Dodgy methinks.

  MAT ALAN 23:17 23 May 2008

thumbscrew, by that statement i assume you have TWO antivirus progs on your PC, you can indeed have many as long as they are configured to do diferent things.
There is no need for two and if not configed will most certainly cause software conflict...

  thumbscrew 23:23 23 May 2008

Greetings Mat, actually I've three and all get along swimmingly, but didn't like the new AVG.

  MAT ALAN 23:27 23 May 2008

I believe the most is TEN, saw it somewhere long time ago along with articles about underclocking your PC to see how slow you can run it, that sort of stuff (quite interesting) bloody shame i can't find it any more...

If you have THREE and are configured properly "nice one"

have to say took me two goes to get AVG8 up and running properly, works very well for me, no probs at all...

  thumbscrew 23:35 23 May 2008

Thanks all, for interesting and helpful responses. Each to his/her own I guess. Andy.

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