avg 7.5 version; icon blacked out after update

  p;3 21:29 04 Nov 2006

having updated to the 7.5 version and now taken on the latest update, the avg icon has blacked out ; I know that on reboot it will revert to its coloured state but I am wondering if this will now be the norm for this version;on my laptop the avg updates instantly (or did with the older version); is the reboot now going to be a part of this version's method as I cannot see yet a way to enable it to complete its update unless I reboot

  postie24 21:47 04 Nov 2006

No you shouldnt need to reboot to complete update.New version works the same as the older version for updating.Noticed larger files being downloaded in updates now.

  johnnyrocker 23:47 04 Nov 2006

same her suggest re install.


  johnnyrocker 23:47 04 Nov 2006



  p;3 09:33 05 Nov 2006

my older version worked this way too; there maybe something in the program programing that is different ; as someone elswehere has said, you really do need to reboot to get the update to take effect; however, in this new version I still cannot see any way to change the settings; I may have to get on the laptop to see how it is programed;

  Technotiger 09:39 05 Nov 2006

Hi, I updated mine to 7.5 a few days ago, set it to update automatically, and have had no problems so far - still got full colour on icon, have just checked and it is fully up-to-date without any further intervention from myself.


  Digital 11:10 05 Nov 2006

Mine same as Technotiger.

  postie24 15:33 05 Nov 2006

My older version didnt need a reboot to complete update either.The update takes effect without a need of a reboot.

  emperor 17:56 05 Nov 2006

When I updated to version 7.5 my icon was greyed out and I had a message saying my virus database was out of date. I asked it to update and after the update full colour was restored.

  Simsy 18:33 05 Nov 2006

Double click on the icon to launch the "AVG Control Centre"

Double click "Update Manager"

If not already selected choose the "Properties" tab and select "Update immediately" The other options in the dialogue box are self explanatory.

(Note that whether the PC needs to be restarted or not varies depending on the nature of the update file. Usually it doesn't, but if the update include some kind of programming enhancement, not just virus data updates, then it may do.)

Hope this helps,



  Meshuga 20:19 05 Nov 2006

p;3, are you referring to avg antivirus 7.5 or avg anti spyware 7.5. If the latter, then there is an ongoing problem with this causing the fault you have found. Unfortunately, because they are both V7.5 it causes confusion.

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