AVG 7.5 slowing pc ?

  chriscross72 21:45 11 Dec 2006

I have reinstalled windows to my partners laptop after formatting it due to a trojan horse infection....the machine ran ok before all this despite it being 6 years old with a 550 mhz processor and 256mb ram.
The only thing i did differently from what was on the machine originally was to upgrade AVG from version 7.1 to 7.5.
This seemed to slow the pc down to unuseable levels.
Has anyone else experienced serious system slowdown due to AVG 7.5, or had I done something wrong ?
I reverted to 7.1 and the machine runs as well now as it did before

  Totally-braindead 22:29 11 Dec 2006

Mate has it on his Celeron 400 and he notices no difference.

  Belatucadrus 22:57 11 Dec 2006

I've got 7.5 on a 233MHz Pentium with 96Mb and it hasn't slowed it significantly.

  woodchip 00:12 12 Dec 2006

Try Avast click here

  keith-236785 00:18 12 Dec 2006

are you using zone alarm with AVG 7.5?

i installed AVG 7.5 and it hung on checking e-mails, it turned out to be Zone alarm not working well with AVG on my system.

as i have a hardware firewall in my router and also windows firewall activated i decided to live without ZA as i felt AVG was more important to me.

try shutting ZA down if you have it, see if that makes any difference.

  Sethhaniel 11:36 12 Dec 2006

run auto scan in background automatically - and it eats up resources - so have disabled/shut it down till I want to scan at my own convenience ;)

  Diemmess 12:29 12 Dec 2006

Ditto to Sethhaniel

If AVG is running in the backgroud you are safe.

Configure it for manual NOT automatic scanning.
You really don't need a scheduled scanning, it is only for your peace of mind as a double check. Do it only very occasionally when you don't need to use the computer fo anything else.

Automatic updating should be allowed, it does slow things but for only a very short time.

  squillary 14:56 12 Dec 2006

I did a system reinstall nearly a month back and I was very careful about the order I reinstalled things. OS, security, background utilities, major applications, optional extras, restored personal files from an Acronis backup. I was quite fastidious about it, having surveyed my whole machine and backed it up fully in advance. Very happy with the layout, but...

One or two programs became a problem. I'd missed some Add-ins for Excel and Outlook. Excel was solved pretty early but Outlook remained a problem - couldn't figure it at all. Working after a fashion but not right.

Some optonal security updates came down on the weekend and everything ground to a halt. 100% CPU for hours on end. Finally got to the bottom of it last night by uninstalling one item. It was a conflict with the update that had been there from the start. A reboot confirmed it and now, for equally uncetain reasons, Outlook is fixed too.

What was I using that I hadn't been using before? Nothing. But it appears to me to be the order of installation that brought the issue to the fore. The reinstall, in this case, changed that order.

You've done a reinstall too. Maybe it's the same thing? The solution for you? I don't quite know outside of reinstalling again and doing it in a different order. I know that's not helpful. The exercise is trivial in a way, but very time consuming.

The plus for me is that I've been following advise here about tweaking services and removing redundant startup options (I've forgotten the link to an eldergeek.com page, but it was excellent. The result is that my computer's now so fast it's catching me by surprise.

I'm not using AVG or Avast. I'm using Norton everything and as I said, shockingly fast, just like it was before I put any applicatons on at all. It can be done whatever the naysayers would tell you (though even I didn't expect what I've got now - incredible).

  chriscross72 21:28 12 Dec 2006

thanks for your replies everyone....laptop is ok now and will probably be replaced next March time : ))

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