AVG 7.5 free Any issues with email ?

  Rtus 18:18 14 Dec 2006

Hi folks Thought Id ask > Anyone upgraded to Avg7.5 free version then have Outlook Exp go astray .i had problems downloading my mail so changed to spare system drive (without Avg7.5 but older 7.1 on it This drive & Oe xp works as it should no problem getting mail. return the original drive & remove Avg 7.5 all works well untill I reinstall AVG again! anyone heard of any issues?

  Rtus 18:28 14 Dec 2006

before I forget..anything Norton! is Not an issue I dont use it ...

  Stuartli 19:10 14 Dec 2006

When I used to have AVG I did, initially, have problems with e-mails.

The answer was to add a couple of AVG files to ZoneAlarm and grant Permission to access the net.

One was something on the lines of avginet.exe but can't recall the second as it's about two years or more ago now.

  Rtus 21:28 14 Dec 2006

I dont run ZA as router/modem has its own firewall + win Xp firewall deactivated..I plan on spending some time on friday night on this to find what it is.maytbe a coincidence but it was just after AVG update yesterday that this started .. but have to collect daughter from uni early fri then hospital appointment.hopefully ill grab a few minutes after that . thanks

  Migwell 22:18 14 Dec 2006

Started to have problems collecting emails since this morning, Can send OK but will not download.

I wondered what was going on, thanks you might have just hit on the answer, don't need any more grey hair at this time!

I have tried going through the details in the email account and all seemed OK there.

I will try to download a new AVG File in the morning and hope that put's it back to normal.

  Migwell 22:19 14 Dec 2006

Forgot to say using Outlook and not Outlook express

  Rtus 22:50 14 Dec 2006

Im not sure if its turning out to be the server at fault As all my accounts are now troublesome. Avg downloads via proxy server which it says it cant find, it could be having bother ! or my lines intermittant (poor wiring has been a problem for years.as the wind gives em a fair rattling (all overhead lines here)Ive removed 7 reinstalled Avg 7.5 but got no further , so leaving it now till fri night . Catch you all later .

  User-312386 22:55 14 Dec 2006

There is a problem with Zone Alarm and AVG

They both have to be up to date

I had this problem a few days ago (with OUTLOOK)

  Rtus 23:08 14 Dec 2006

as said before ......I dont run ZA as router/modem has its own firewall

  Rtus 14:23 16 Dec 2006

Problem now cleared.server problems ??

  keith-236785 15:46 16 Dec 2006


i also had this problem and had to ditch ZA to allow me to check my e-mails.

just for anyone else who might read this thread.

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