AVG 7.5 Free?

  TonyV 19:46 24 Nov 2006

I seem to recall recently reading a thread about the Free version of AVG coming in at 7.5. It doesn't bother me particularly since I have the Pro version and it gets updated automatically. However, my sister has the free version of AVG and is trying to update to the 7.5 version but it doesn't seem to want to update. Can someone point me in the right direction regarding the previous threads on this topic. The searches I have made seem to finish in August of this year and I feel sure that it was later than that.



  SLAYER 19:50 24 Nov 2006

If I remember, I just downloaded the 7.5, then uninstalled the old one and installed the 7.5.

  bluto1 19:51 24 Nov 2006

Try click here

AVG Antispyware 7.5, (to use it`s full name) is freeware and is the new name of Ewido

  TonyV 19:54 24 Nov 2006

Many thanks for that speedy response. I will pass this information on. I'll post on here if all goes according to plan!!


  TonyV 19:36 28 Nov 2006

I've downloaded the various files on the links you have suggested and put them on a CD and sent them off. I now await to see how she gets on installing 7.5. Will keep you posted.


  Totally-braindead 19:56 28 Nov 2006

AVG 7.5 antivirus and AVG antispyware are two completely different programs. What you want is the anti virus 7.5 which is this click here the AVG antispyware is only free for 30 days I think after that you lose some of the facilities though you can continue to use it click here

One warning about the anti virus. If you delete the old AVG and put in version 7.5 its fine but in a few cases installing over the top of the old version has ended up disabling it. If you do the latter, then check its still in operation and is not disabled. If it does disable itself all you have to do is delete it and install it from scratch. Its not a major problem I've updated about a dozen of my friends computers in the past week and only one showed this fault.

  Totally-braindead 19:57 28 Nov 2006

The link Bluto1 gave is for the paid for suite which includes AVG anti virus and AVG antispyware it is not the free version.

  TonyV 20:09 28 Nov 2006

Thanks for that. I did in fact get hold of the Free version by delving in to the Grisoft site. I have indeed downloaded the free version along with the requisite manual and Licence document.
(AVG5Free_430a848.exe, as well as AVG75F_431a848.exe, The Firewall setting pdf file, the Manual pdf file and the Licence pdf file). Hopefully she will able to get the installation sorted OK. I have told her to make sure that she un-installs the existing version to alleviate any possible problems.


  TonyV 20:17 28 Nov 2006

Even .....she will be able ....


  Rtus 21:40 28 Nov 2006

Avg7.5 installation over the top of the older Avg7 generally goes without any hitch's,The only time Ive come across it disabling the install is if an on line update wasnt carried out.upon completion of updates it restarts the computer & then protects system as normal.

  TonyV 22:05 28 Nov 2006

We shall see when she installs 7.5. I've passed all the suggestions through from here.


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