AVG 7.1 to 7.5 & pages loading slower somedays!

  gazmix 12:10 29 Dec 2006

I turned on my pc this morning & there was a reminder that my version of AVG free will be deleted on the 15th Jan & i need to upgrade to 7.5.

Is it a legit reminder?

Will it overwrite the old version or should i delete 7.1 first & then download 7.5?

As i have Mailwasher, i have to disable AVG mail checker plugin or Mailwasher doesn't work, will i still be able to do this ok!

Also, somedays pages on the net load up faster than other days, is this normal!
I run Firefox & xp.


  anchor 12:18 29 Dec 2006

Yes, it is a real reminder. Many of us have already updated AVG to version 7.5. I installed the new version "over the top" of the previous.

Cannot help with Mailwasher, as I don`t use it.

Yes, some days the web is slower; depends usually on the site, time of day, and contention ratio if you are on broadband.

  birdface 12:19 29 Dec 2006

I would delete the 7.1 first,Run C Cleaner, then install 7.5 ,I tried downloading it on top of the 7.1. Everything came out black,,So had to delete it, And then download it again.

  gazmix 12:31 29 Dec 2006

When i go to the Grisoft homepage, i see loads of options for 7.5 'all necessary modules', 'firewall components' & different dates & sizes.
Which do i download or do i just go to the free.grisoft website & just click on download there!

Yeh, i think i'll uninstall 7.1 1st then download 7.5 as i don't want bits of 7.1 hanging around!!

  VoG II 12:33 29 Dec 2006

Download 7.5 click here

Disconnect from the internet

Uninstall 7.1

Install 7.5

  gazmix 12:42 29 Dec 2006

I hope it don't matter the order you just wrote VoG, i have uninstalled 7.1 & now am installing 7.5.

The issue with the plugin as i can't use Mailwasher at same time, is that easily disabled as in 7.1.
For some reason i couldn't permanently disable it!

  birdface 12:46 29 Dec 2006

On this one you can get the full version on 30 day trial,I think it reverts back to the free version if you dont want to pay for it after the 30 days, If you are short of Spyware programs, Teir A.V.G anti-Spyware is also very good,And can be downloaded from same Page,

  birdface 12:47 29 Dec 2006

Forgot to add the page,click here

  gazmix 12:50 29 Dec 2006

Cheers, i got Spybot, Adaware se & ZA so i think i'm fully protected, as i say, i hope there's no specific order to uninstall & install!

  birdface 12:59 29 Dec 2006

If you are going to uninstall, Make sure AVG Anti virus is switched off first,Just right click it in the Quick start.And tick Quit AVG,

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