AVG 444 available

  Bagsey 11:25 11 May 2004

Get it now AVG 444

  Bagsey 11:27 11 May 2004

Some one else posted while I was typing. Sorry

  anniecat 11:47 11 May 2004

I only downloaded 443 late last night... crikey theyr'e on the ball !!!

P.S. you guys/gals dipso and me have been trying to resolve the fact that AVG puts the outgoing certification on outgoing mail but doesn't put an incoming message certification on the incoming mail, and in light of the fact he isn't alerted to a virus until he actually opens a mail, (think I've got that right) he/we think that it may not be scanning incoming mail properly.

There are 2 text files in the programme folder, one refers to the message that is diplayed for incoming and the other for the outgoing, so why isn't the programme posting the relevant message if it is scanning. I can't find anything on AVG freq asked questions and as they won't respond to "freebie" users is there anyone out there that has a fully paid up membership that could ask this question..

It could be a fault with the programme, and it's an annoying puzzle.

  Sethhaniel 11:55 11 May 2004
  Bagsey 12:15 11 May 2004

I seem to remember that we had this discussion sometime ago and the out come was that AVG had changed the system to speed up AV detection ????on incoming mail. I have just printed out the help file, given below and incoming mail is not mentioned for cerification. See Below. I have been using AVG for about 5 or more years and do remember when incoming mail was certificated but when I upgraded to a new computer and XP I noticed that incoming mail was not certed. I think that that timing was just a coincidence as That would be when I downloaded the latest program version. Sorry if I am rambling here but also this helps to alay fears .
<The AVG E-mail Scanner
The AVG E-mail Scanner is a resident program, installed during the AVG installation process. It is automatically started with the Windows operating system and supports the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client.
The program checks all incoming and outgoing email attachments for the presence of any virus threats.

Virus Detection

· Incoming Mail- if the AVG E-mail Scanner detects incoming mail with attachments infected by a virus, it removes the infected files automatically and puts them into the AVG Virus Vault .
· In the body of the offending e-mail, a message is inserted to inform you about the virus threat.
· Outgoing Mail- if the AVG E-mail Scanner detects outgoing mail attachments infected by a virus, it stops the message from being sent. The entire message will be returned to the sender marked undeliverable.

· Text will be inserted into the offending e-mail informing the sender it was refused because it contained a virus.

Message Certification

The AVG E-mail Scanner is able to insert special text at the end of your e-mail messages informing your mail recipients that your mail and its attachments are certified virus free by AVG. This process is called "certification".

How to Determine if the AVG E-mail Scanner is Active and Functional

First, run the program, AVG for Windows. In the System Status panel on AVG's main window , find the 'AVG E-mail Scanner' button. If this program is not active or is misconfigured, the button will read 'Not Fully Functional!'.

In this case, press the button and see more detailed description of this problem. There is also a button called Activate. Press it to launch automatic actions which will repair this problem.

Note: If you use a different e-mail program other than Microsoft Outlook, the error message on the button will read 'Non-Functional', because you are using an e-mail client not currently supported by AVG. Support for additional e-mail programs are being added all the time, so be sure you have the latest AVG updates.

Parameter Settings

You can change the behavior of the AVG E-mail Scanner by changing its parameters. This can be done using the AVG Control Center then the E-mail Scanner tab.

See also

What is the AVG Control Center?
AVG E-mail Scanner - Parameter Settings
What is the AVG Virus Vault?
What is AVG for Windows?
AVG for Windows - Status Panel >

  Smiler 13:37 11 May 2004

My avg is set up to check incoming & out going mail including attachments but a few times I have noticed that the message at the end of the e-mail has the following message at the end:-

File has not been scanned

Checked by AVG anti-virus system (click here).
Version: 6.0.676 / Virus Database: 438 - Release Date: 03/05/04

So is avg free fully functional or not do we have to buy version 7 to get the full works?

  Smiler 15:26 11 May 2004


  Bagsey 15:48 11 May 2004

I think that you can take AVG by the results that people of this forum achieve. Bearing in mind that no AV program is going to be 100% unless the user is very strict about upgrading. I have been checking back and I THINK that I started use AVG with windows 95. That must put it to at least 6 years ago??? and in that time it has saved me on many occasions. Only on one did it let me down ( Or I let it down by not checking for an update) when I checked my email from Australia and let in the SIRCAM virus. So yes I would say that AVG is good AV program. In my OPINION. For that last couple of years I make a point of a quick check for an update BEFORE I check my email. Now with the AVG policy of more regular and small updates this early morning check is not the problem it used to be. Timed in seconds now not 15 minutes as previously. I have gone onto BB which also really helps with the speed.

  Smiler 17:24 11 May 2004

I admit it is a good virus checker and has saved me on many occasions. Just wondered why it wasn't checking certain attached files on outgoing e-mails.

  BlueShift50 18:10 11 May 2004

To All I have found this to be an excellent piece of software and been using for a very long time and would not be with it at anytime, I have installed it on both my PC and my Laptop. It does check the Outgoing and Incoming emails and warns if a virus has been detected which is fantasic, I even find it will pick up viruses better than Norton in some cases. Its brilliant.

  Bagsey 19:15 11 May 2004

It does the job and has another great attribute for a Yorkshireman.Guess what! Yep its free.

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