ponytail 08:07 07 Aug 2010

What is the difference between AVG and Superantispyware.Always seem to have problem updating Superantispyware seems to take for ages for it to come up all my other similar programs are fine.Dont have AVG

  jack 09:09 07 Aug 2010

Super Anti spy ware is a detector for a particular type of 'Malicious' input
AVG is either a total security package including anti virus, anti spy,and firewall or simply a stand alone anti virus
Free A/V or paid for full package.
click here

  DieSse 10:21 07 Aug 2010

If you don't have AVG, what Anti-virus program do you have?

I usually recommend and install Avast for a freebie.

Superantispyware is not an anti-virus program and (if you're using the free version) does not give you anywhere near the same type or level of protection.

  Sea Urchin 12:58 07 Aug 2010

"or simply a stand alone anti virus"

No longer quite correct - the free version of AVG 9.0 does include spyware protection as well - see your own link.

  ponytail 13:59 07 Aug 2010

Hi Guys
What I have installed apart from superantispyware is

Advanced System Care

Should I get rid of some,add some or just change some.

Heard avira antivi is not bad any opinions on it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:29 07 Aug 2010

What you have is good

If you have VISTA or Windows & change Advanced system care for Microsoft Security essentials and make sure you are using Windows own firewall

If Using XP then MSE + a firewall like Zonealarm (XP's firewall is incoming only and very weak)

MSE backed up with Spywareblaster as "blocker" and a weekly scan from Malwareytes is good protection for NO cost.

Just remember to check for updates for MAlwarebytes and Spwareblaster, MSE is automatically updated with Windows updates.

  ponytail 15:10 07 Aug 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0\/
If I do what you say should I keep superantispyware or get rid of it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 07 Aug 2010

I have a XP system with AVAST , windows defender realtime Malwarebytes and superantispyware as a backup + spywareblaster not had a virus or malware for years. I run this because it uses minimal resources.

In your case I would keep superantispyware and remove spybot

  jack 10:10 08 Aug 2010

As I don't use it myself I simply passed on the link with what I know of past versions,ut there you go stuff gets better all the time [mostly- but not always]

  john bunyan 11:26 08 Aug 2010

Re Security. In my view, you need to look at 3 separate areas:
1 Firewall. You can use the windows built in one but I prefer (free) PCTools
2. Anti Virus. Only have one installed. I use Avira, but MS Security Essentials and Avast are also well supported here.
3. Anti malware. I use Spywareblaster, Superantispyware and Malawarebytes. Each seem to have different strengths, but I like SAS as it finds stuff that MAB sometimes does not. Do check you have the latest SAS - I have version 4.38.1004.
I also have CCleaner, and you can use the tools bit of this to see what version you have.
All the above are free.

  john bunyan 11:31 08 Aug 2010

P.S. AVG (free) is an antvirus programme. I used to have it but recently some have reported problems between it ans Zone Alarrm if that is the firewall.I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ re spybot vs SAS.

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