cottie 21:05 07 Jul 2006

Can I download AVG on my comp if my brother already has it on his, or is that illegal?

  SG Atlantis® 21:06 07 Jul 2006

avg free?

you can have it on all your systems.

  cottie 21:10 07 Jul 2006

Yea avg free. are you sure? coz ive just read this

"You may install (download) and use only one copy of the program designated for protection of exclusively one personal computer, notwithstanding as to how many times you download the program and how many times you accept the License Agreement. You must not use the program in a network or on more than one computer. This particular software version is distributed free of charge, therefore, the applicable license is only granted for home use thereof. In case of this free version, the program is not subject to any guarantees, and the user has no right to any technical support whatsoever."

  VoG II 21:11 07 Jul 2006

Assuming that you and your brother are different people then you would not be infringing those terms.

  cottie 21:21 07 Jul 2006

cheers skippy

  Jackcoms 21:26 07 Jul 2006


  VoG II 21:28 07 Jul 2006
  Jackcoms 21:33 07 Jul 2006

Uh?? Still bemused.

  iscanut 21:53 07 Jul 2006

Aussie version of " Cheers mate !" ??

  jacksony 08:35 08 Jul 2006

If, however, you and your brother were the SAME person, you would indeed be violating those terms.

HALT ALL ACTIONS until you have confirmed this is not the case.

  cottie 17:13 08 Jul 2006

It's ok, we aint the same person. But if we were twins would that mean we would both be in the sh*t? - I only asked because I was just concerned about the fact that he shares my static IP connection, and I was wondering whether they would see that as me downloading and installing the software twice.

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