AVG - is 21 mins for a full scan right??!!

  webber_man 11:40 08 Feb 2004

Hi, just a quickie i think.

After a couple of years using Norton AV i have now installed on my laptop which runs XP Pro. When using NAV the other day the full system scan took about an hour and a half, since installing AVG AV it's taking 21 minutes. Am i missing something here or doesn't AVG scan the system as well as NAV?

All i've ever read about AVG is how good it is for a free anti virus programme so would be very surprised if it wasn't doing it's job.

  Bagsey 11:47 08 Feb 2004

Yes that time is about right Mine this morning just over 15 minutes

  Bagsey 11:52 08 Feb 2004

Sorry I sent that to soon. I meant to tell you to go to the service menu on the main screen and check the test settings to make sure that you have got it as you want it. I would make sure that box for heuristics is ticked for a complete test and that all of your hard discs are logged for testing.

  webber_man 12:23 08 Feb 2004

Thanks for that - just wanted to make sure for peace of mind.

  961 13:09 08 Feb 2004

I think Norton maybe does other things as well. With AVG it obviously depends on the size of the hard disk but I would go on to say that it generally catches stuff on the way in and complete system scans are a belt and braces job.My 40GB disk, one third full, takes about 8 to 10 minutes

  tenplus1 13:34 08 Feb 2004

AVG is a great anti-virus program and does it's job really well...

The time it takes to do a Full Scan depends on how many files you have stored on your drives, the speed of the drive and whether the files are fragmented...

It takes 15 minutes to scan both my drives using Hueristics...

  Proxy Worm 13:54 08 Feb 2004

It take 12 minutes but my computer has less file i think!

  richard-232101 13:57 08 Feb 2004

This is about the same time mine takes

  Sheila-214876 14:50 08 Feb 2004

Just done a scan on my hard drive 2 x 40gb and it took 16 minutes.

  Jester2K 17:00 08 Feb 2004

14Gb - 21 mins but depends if you have just the default scanning options on or the scan all files switched on (as i do)

Open AVG, Service Menu, Complete Test Settings, Tick "Test All Extensions"

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