AVG 2012 problem

  stlucia2 11:18 13 Oct 2011

Yesterday I got an automatic update/upgrade of my AVG 2011 to AVG 2012. Today my MS Office programs won't run ... too much of a coincidence?

I tried to uninstall MS Office with a view to reinstalling from the MS Web site, but it wouldn't uninstall (error message to do with MS Click-to-view), and I tried Repair, as per advice on the MS Web site, but my PC just hung.

I then realised that both AVG 2012 and AVG 2011 show up as shortcuts on my desktop. AVG 2012 is active when I start up, but 2011 can be started if I click on its shortcut icon. So I went to uninstall AVG 2011, but it doesn't show in the list of programs. I've now uninstalled AVG 2012, which does feature in the list of programs when I go to Control Panel > Install/Uninstall, and my MS Office programs are working again. That's without any AVG program running.

Anyone else had this problem? I'm hoping I'll be able to get AVG 2011 running again for my protection.

  birdface 11:24 13 Oct 2011

Maybe try the removal tool and see if it removes both versions and then reinstall the new version.


  stlucia2 11:43 13 Oct 2011

What removal tool? I've been using Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, and also CC's version of the same thing, and AVG 2011 shows up in neither.

  stlucia2 12:00 13 Oct 2011

OK, I've gone to Start > Programs > AVG 2011 and there's an Uninstall option, which has done the job. Thanks buteman.

I've now reinstalled AVG 2012 from scratch, and it appears to be working -- and most importantly, my MS Office programs are still working.

  northumbria61 15:02 13 Oct 2011

What removal tool? The removal tool is obtained direct from the AVG website (the Link which was given to you by Buteman) and is used to uninstall a previous version of AVG before installing a new version. Upgrading or installing any new version of AVG can cause problems as "bits" are left behind in the Registry. Add/Remove programs does NOT completely uninstall AVG. Something to remember for future reference.

  stlucia2 20:12 13 Oct 2011

Thanks northumbria, I sorted the uninstall, as in my 12:00 posting. My experience in the past has been that AVG automatic updates, which this was, normally just install over the existing version without requiring any user intervention. So, why was this one different, and why did AVG 2011 not show up in the list of programs in Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, or in CCleaner Tools > Uninstall?

But now this evening my MS Office programs (Excel and Word) aren't working again. I've uninstalled AVG 2012, re-booted my PC, and they're working again. So there's some kind of a direct conflict between AVG 2012 and MS Office on my PC. I think I'll see if I can reinstall AVG 2011 instead. Otherwise I'll be looking for a different free anti-virus.

  stlucia2 09:06 14 Oct 2011

When I searched the internet for AVG 2011, all I could get was 2012, so I installed it again and then did the free one-time computer scan that it offered. 1969 "errors" detected and fixed, and everything seemed okay ... until I re-booted. Then Excel and Word didn't work again.

So, uninstalled AVG 2012 again, and the PC scanning software it had installed, and Excel and Word are working again!

I've now installed Avast free, and Excel and Word are working okay ... dare I say it, they seem to load faster than they did before. So, we'll see how things go from here.

  northumbria61 11:41 14 Oct 2011

Could it have just been something to do with a Firewall setting I wonder?

  stlucia2 12:25 14 Oct 2011

I was wondering about that, northumbria. But AVG doesn't include a firewall, so far as I know; and my MS Office programs don't link to the internet, so far as I know. Is there some other kind of setting in AVG that could have blocked Excel and Word? They're both installed on my C:\ drive and, when I had the problem, Excel and Word simply wouldn't start up when I double-clicked their shortcuts on my desktop, or when I went into the Start > Programs menu to do the same thing. Just no response whatsoever.

  northumbria61 12:33 14 Oct 2011

Then you must be using AVG Anti-Virus FREE 2012 ?

  stlucia2 13:25 14 Oct 2011

Sorry, I thought I'd mentioned it was the FREE version I'm talking about, but I hadn't.

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