Avery labels and MS Word

  Munchkin 21:47 29 Jun 2005

My copy of Microsoft Word will not play ball when I try to print a set of Avery standard labels. It refuses to print where it is meant to within the label margins. I have gone through the correct menu functions for printing labels, including selecting the correct reference code for the particular label I am using, but still it prints out in the wrong place !!!!!

  VoG II 21:56 29 Jun 2005
  mern 22:19 29 Jun 2005

Have had the same problem as you. What I had to do finally was to treat the Avery labels as if they were custom labels and put in my own measurements (i.e. taken of course from the labels)Thereafter no problem.

  woodchip 22:22 29 Jun 2005

Check the Page size is same in Printer, Word, as Lables. If A4 then it's no good set to letter

  mern 22:39 29 Jun 2005

Just tried link recommended by VoG...it works like a dream. Ignore my posting and follow the invaluable advice given by him

  wee eddie 07:41 30 Jun 2005

The cause was the "Border" I had placed to pretty-up the design.

The moment I removed the border, and reverted to the simple text function, all went well/

  The Kestrel 15:01 30 Jun 2005

Follow VoG's link and download the Avery Label Wizard, it works a treat.

  Munchkin 21:51 30 Jun 2005

Tried the above link which looked as if my problem was going to be solved, but alas, it is still printing in the wrong place ! Could it be rouge software ? I know I'm not doing anything technically wrong, what else can it be ????

  woodchip 21:58 30 Jun 2005

Have you check that Printer and MSword are using A4 Page. Same as Labels

  wee eddie 07:22 01 Jul 2005

1. Could you describe what you mean by the wrong place?

2. Not including the actual text that you are putting on the label. Could you describe what is on the design?

  jolorna 07:51 01 Jul 2005

have you also got your printer properties set for label's

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