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  geedad 22:06 16 Dec 2007

I am using MS Office 97 Professional. In MS Word, at one time, I was able to use free label printer software called Avery Label Wizard, compatible with MS Word 97. The results were always perfect. However, I have tried to use the latest version (3.1 of Avery label Wizard 3.1), and it does not work. I have shifted both my word-processor and Label Wizard software to an external drive to see if that would work, but again it did not.I reach the stage of the label forms being shown, but without the data from MS Access.So it seems that the data is not being transfered to the application, resulting in black label information.
I have removed the old free version of Avery Wizard, but I would like to re-install that to see if it works again.
I have emailed Avery to see if they have a previous version, but they will take about a week to reply.They do not have the old version as a download on their Website, and I wondered if anyone has any suggestions?

  MAJ 23:57 16 Dec 2007

I think the 2000 wizard works in 97. click here

  MaxUpload 06:54 17 Dec 2007

If you have the original disk for Office '97 have a look on it for a folder called "ValueAdd" or something similar.

If my memory serves me right early versions of office had a copy of the Avery Wizard v.1 on the disk.

  geedad 13:30 17 Dec 2007

2000 wizard did not work in 97. Message was "couldn't locate MS Word 2000". I am beginning to think something more is amiss. Just prior to your last posting, I received a message"
MS Access can't display the ADD-ins submenu &Avery Wizard...because a setting you entered in Windows Registry is missing a macroname or functionname expression".Supply the missing expression in the Menu Add-in, and then re-start MS Access. Click Help for more information on customizing MS Access. I have had a quick (very) look at the help info, and I am unable to understand the gobblededook therein!!
However, it is obvious something is missing since Avery Wizard and MS Access can't communicate.
Thank you again.
Thank you, something to look at later.


  MAJ 14:09 17 Dec 2007

Have you tried the online option, it might work for you? click here

  geedad 14:18 17 Dec 2007

Yes,thanks. I have had a look at that but it is not flexible ehough. It cannot import database with different addresses.

  Newuser939 15:10 17 Dec 2007

I also had a problem getting the Avery Wizard to work with Word (I think that the remnants of a trial version of Office 2007 were interfering, but that is another story). My work around is to put a short cut to the Wizard on my desk top and use it from there rather than trying to open it from within Word itself. It complains but eventually co-operates.

  JohnM. 16:07 17 Dec 2007

I used Avery labels software for years very good results - then I started to use Word 2007 and it was just incompatible. MS do not want you using other systems. I have found that using the Wizard in Word 2007 works very well, though not quite so easy as Avery. Do you have this in Word 97.


  geedad 19:28 17 Dec 2007

Thank you for your response. I have tried all methods to make this work, but so far no success.

I am not sure. I have never used a MS Word Wizard in 97, but worth investigating.

ALL FORUM Members.
I have now found a (temporary) work-around. I discovered an old label file created with Avery Wizard complete with all of my addresses in it.I can edit it ON SCREEN, without using a MS ACCESS database file, and, having tried it, it works fine!
Obviously, I cannot change the label format, but I can change addresses, edit the fonts etc.,and then save any changes ready for further printing later.
So here is a good tip! If you have at any time saved a file with the original addresses, use that to print your labels!
Meanwhile, back to the drawing board to resolve the Wizard mystery!

  geedad 12:31 21 Dec 2007

To all Forum members who responded to the Avery Wizard problem.
The problem is now resolved!
I contacted Avery who guided me to a site where an early version of Wizard was available.
Having download it, and tried it, it did not work.
However, I completely re-installed MS Office 97 Pro, then reinstalled the Wizard and === PRESTO!
All now work perfectly!
Thank you all again, but just to say again how helpful the Avery Label company was.

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