Avermedia DVB-T A771 problem

  Portly 21:50 04 Feb 2006

When recording from high bit rate souces ( ie BBC ) my Avermedia is incapable of recording a film of 2 hours or more. The set up refuses to record a file greater than about 4,153,472 Kbits, in spite of 160 Gbit hard drive free space, and regardless of how long I set the recording time to. With high bit rate broacasts I can only achieve around 1 hour 50 minute recordings. The main mpeg file is then closed, the software records a second file of a few Kbits, and then the video freezes.
As far as I can establish, I have the latest drivers, although Avermedia's english instuctions have defeated me.

I am running XP home, with with a 3.4 G P4, 1Gbit of Ram, and two 200Gbit sata drives.

Any ideas please.

  Portly 06:32 05 Feb 2006

Very frustrating. Anyone else suffer this problem ?

  Stuartli 11:11 05 Feb 2006

See the end of this link:

click here

Also seems to be a lot of problems with these cards judging by FAQs

click here

  Portly 11:46 05 Feb 2006

Thanks Stuartli. An interesting first link, they seem to be well organised in OZ.

The second link is not responding at present, ( maybe for new year reasons ), but I will keep trying.

In general, the card and software perform well, but I am left with this rather illogical problem.

  Stuartli 19:04 05 Feb 2006

Second link works OK for me from this page. Try right clicking and choosing Open in New Window/Tab.

The Aussies use many of the computer TV cards we do here, especially those capable of HD TV as they already have it in many areas.

Some questions about the equivalent card as yours on the same website:

click here

  Portly 19:34 05 Feb 2006

Yes, thanks again. I did eventually get into Avermedia site, but this appears to be a database of all of their video card FAQ's, and includes the very few that relate to the A771 card. I had already seen these via their support pages for this particular card. Unfortunately none refer to this problem.

In view of its price and availability, there must be a lot of A771 cards in use, and I can't believe that I am alone with being unable to record long high bit rate transmissions.

However using all of the common search engines has resulted in nothing like it. Clearly, the Aussies have got to grips with it, but they appear be writing their own solutions. I am not sure how that would stack up with our broadcast system, since they have separate drivers on the Avermedia site.

I will bump my thread up for a few days, in the hope of further help.

  Stuartli 21:30 05 Feb 2006

>>since they have separate drivers on the Avermedia site.>>

The BDA drivers for my Twinhan DVB-ter D+A PCI TV card are the same for the Aussies as for me...:-)

  woodchip 21:34 05 Feb 2006

Your Hard Drive is formated as Fat32 it needs to be NTFS for over 4Gb

  Portly 22:07 05 Feb 2006

Hi again Stuartli, Yeh the A771 TV card is for digital Freeview, and has separate drivers for some Regions as click here

Hi woodchip, great excitement for a few minutes, but I just checked and both drives are NTFS as they should have been.

I have also had an Email on the topic which suggested that it might be due to the max size file that can be transferred to DVD. I had wondered this myself, but the VCR function allows for use of the total free space on the drive. This seems a bit pointless if it then limits the file size to about 4G. One to follow up though.

Once again thanks. Any further help most welcome.

  Portly 19:30 08 Feb 2006

Unfortunately the latest Avermedia update for this card will not instal without errors.

After reading lots of reviews, and extensive reading of Nebula Electronics website I have decided that the only solution is the expensive option. So new twin tuner option from Nebula is on its way. Just hope that it is as good as it appears.

  Portly 19:31 08 Feb 2006

Resolved by default.

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