Averatec 3200 series service menual (laptop)

  pj1664 21:04 22 Aug 2007

I wonder if anyone can point me to the right direction to obtain a service menual for the above laptop. I have gone to google and done a search and all i get is a user menual. I am trying to find out how to open up this perticular model because the power point jack is loose plus half the screen functions and not the bottom half has no dteails - just blank. I have connected the laptop to another screen and the full screen comes up, so I gather the actual screen may need replacing (I think). So if anyone knows whrer I could get hold of a service menual, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  woodchip 21:16 22 Aug 2007

To get the Screen off on my Medion there is a length of plastic with buttons just under the screen this slides to the left so you can get to Keyboard and other screws, The Screen Hinge caps just pri up after tilting the screen back, you can then remove the screws for the screen

  pj1664 11:24 28 Aug 2007

Hi weoodchip, sorry about the late response but got a little tide up with another computer issue. Now I have taken 4 screws from each corner of the screen and taken the screen panels of to revel the screen itself but it do not see any way I can access the panel to adjust the power jack. Is the Averetec screen compatable with Medion screen? because I cant seem to find a site in the uk that sells Averetec screens it's only in the USA. This computer belongs to my neice who lives in the USA, Is there a altrnet laptop screen thats compatable, Is Averetec made by Toshiba?

  woodchip 13:50 28 Aug 2007

No Idea, But would think there is one Compatible as Most Laptops are made by just a small amount of manufacturers. They just make them to there speck and badge them

  pj1664 21:06 29 Aug 2007

Thanks woodchip, I just hope someone out there might know which screen will fit the averatec. If anybody knows the answer to my questions pls feel free to jot me some line:
1) a Service Manual for the averatec 3200 series
2) Compatable screen for the averatec 3200 series lap top.


  Ashrich 23:21 29 Aug 2007

Some photos that might help with the power jack problem [email protected]/album/576460762323373557" title="http://new.photos.yahoo.com/[email protected]/album/576460762323373557" TARGET="_new">click here.
Averatec laptops are made by Korean firm TriGem , marketed and sold in America , the Korean TriGem website is cryptic to say the least , the screen problem is really down to the fittings on the panel , a suitable 12.1" screen with the same type of fitting would probably do .


  Ashrich 23:24 29 Aug 2007

Sorry , try this URL instead , look for forth down Averatec 3200 click here , that will take you to the photos !!


  pj1664 16:23 31 Aug 2007

Thanks Ashley, really appriciate you taking the time to find the site for me. The photos will surely help, now the only issue I have is the screen, not knowing which screen will be compatable in order to buy it, I just dont want to buy a wrong screen that might not have the same fittings. Thanks for your help anyway, atleast I am half way there.

  dnhoshor 01:48 15 Sep 2007

Yahoo notified me that they are terminating their hosting of my Averatec disassembly photos. I moved the photos to a slide show on Flickr. This is the new link. click here

David Hoshor

  pj1664 21:44 15 Sep 2007

Thanks dnhoshor ,This photos are really appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  gantry 14:42 12 Oct 2007

If insulation is gone from backside of power jack,,,what to do? What type/kind of insulation would you use?


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