Average Spec for PC?

  Kefty 13:18 01 Jan 2003
  Kefty 13:18 01 Jan 2003

Would anyone care to contribute to my spec request? Im concerned that my pc is being outdated by all of these new bits and pieces and higher MHz etc. How fast are your pc's? How much RAM do you have and what sort of processor? Is my graphics card still fast?

Tell me what gear you have under YOUR bonnet!!


  €dstow 13:24 01 Jan 2003

An average spec this week won't be the same as next week's for the reasons you have stated.


  pj123 13:24 01 Jan 2003

If it does what you want it to do, does it matter what you have under the bonnet. you don't have to keep up with the Jones'.

For you info mine is a Duron 900mhz with 256mb memory. It does what I want it to do.

There is a posting from someone who has a Commodore 64, which from my c64 days is a 4mhz processor.

  Kefty 13:30 01 Jan 2003

No its not keeping up with Jones, and I realise that technology changes. But I thought it would be interesting to know what most peoplem on the forum use.

Not being a nerd I still think that having a fast pc is cool!! As fast is a relative concept, I need to know what other pc's hardware is like.

Eg - Do many of you use Linux, or dual processors?

  Andsome 13:33 01 Jan 2003

Please don't involve us Jones's in this argument

  mikef™ 13:39 01 Jan 2003

It has ben said unless you multiply your CPU by at least 3x your unlikely to notice much difference, but as has been said if your computer does what you need without problems do you really need to spend a lot of money replacing it, if all you need is for it to work a bit quicker try adding more RAM.

  Kefty 13:46 01 Jan 2003

I understand that technology chnges rapidly. This is just an enquiry as to what hardware/platforms people use?? It is very obvious that if my pc is struggling with the work I give it then I need an upgrade, but I have no problem...

I am only interested in what systems people use?


  €dstow 13:49 01 Jan 2003

I have eight computers here and one MAC. They are fairly fast and fairly capacious but a long way from being the fastest or largest available. They perform as I want them to perform and a considerable amount on top of that.

My uses are somewhat specialised and because of that I have lots of RAM (1 gig and more) lots of hard drive capacity (120 gig in each but that is divided into three 40 gig drives). One machine has two DVD drives (different regions). Most machines don't have a DVD drive at all. All have a CD writer, most are 48 x Plextor, two are 4 x Hitachi. Most don't have a floppy drive, parallel port or serial port, some do.

I could never do full justice to the amount of processing power available to me with these machines. They were assembled privately to a specification that was, at the time, the most economical, whilst fulfilling my memory and capacity requirements.

I am having another machine built next month. It will be similar to those I already have, cosistent with the economics of the components.


  leo49 13:52 01 Jan 2003

This is like small boys comparing speedos on motorbikes - You can have the 'fastest' PC on the planet but if the human input isn't there,all you've got is an expensive doorstop.

  Piggy,Piggy 13:53 01 Jan 2003

Mine is a Athlon XP 1700+ with 512mb RAM. 128mb Radeon 9700Pro, dual 60Gb 12000rpm Raid (0/1) HDD, DVD writer, 22" CRT monitor, but I am a heavy gamer and I have a 1mbps internet. If you just wanted to do simple office work a 1GHZ 128/256mb ram 20gb HDD machine would do. I think that average spec is about,2GHZ chip, 256mb RAM, 40 to 80 GB Hard Drive, 16/32mb graphics card and 17" monitor.

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