Average CPU temperature?

  DoctorButcher 23:18 01 Oct 2004

I've finally got all my bits & pieces and i've put them all together. Everything seems to be working fine, but i've a question about CPU temperature. What is considered an 'average' operating temperature?

At the moment, according to Microstar Core Centre, my CPU runs between 45 & 52 degrees celcius, with a system temperature between 45 & 49 degrees celcius.

Specs if it will help...

MSI K8T Neo Motherboard (Flashed to latest BIOS)
AMD Athlon64 3000+ (not o/c)
1GB DDR400 RAM (2x 512MB)
Asus GeforceFX 5700 Ultra 256MB
Maxtor 80GB HDD & Seagate 20GB HDD
MSI DVD writer
SB Audigy

The CPU is cooled with the retail H/S & fan and i used a fair amount of thermal paste. I'm also running a second case fan and it's all powered by a 400w PSU.

All things considered, do these temperatures sound right?

  sean-278262 23:23 01 Oct 2004

my xp 2600 wit 1 gb ddr 2700 128 geforce fx5200 runs at a happy 34 degrees C idle n 5 degrees more under load.bt i have seen pcs runnin at 55 under load n be fine

  alan227 23:53 01 Oct 2004

The CPU is cooled with the retail H/S & fan and i used a fair amount of thermal paste.

That is probably why your processor is running at the temperature it is, although it is well within its limits.

You should only use a very thin coat of thermal paste
not copious amounts.

As long as the temperature does not go up dramatically I would leave it as it is, just remember next time not to use too thick a coat of paste.

  The Spires 01:23 02 Oct 2004

Thermal paste guide click here

  DoctorButcher 13:01 05 Oct 2004

I'm on a day off today, so i thought i'd have a look at the temperature problem.. Thanks to everyone who commented...

Anyway, here's what happened. I tried to remove the HS/fan from the CPU but it seems to have bonded onto the CPU. Rather than trying to force it off, i decided to leave it alone so as not to knacker it! I applied a small heatsink from a long dead motherboard onto the Southbridge chipset and just for experimentation, reversed my case fan...

...and it looks like i had it on the wrong way round so it blew the hot air BACK into the case!!

Now, according to 'Motherboard Monitor' my system is sitting with a system temp of 35degrees and a CPU temperature of 16!! So by reversing the case fan, it would appear i've halved my CPU temperature! Microstar 'Core Centre' reports a 4 degree variance between itself & MBM5, but it does appear much cooler now inside my PC!

Can this be correct? Having the CPU running at almost half the temperature of the system overall doesn't sound right! I'm a bit confused...

  BeForU 13:13 05 Oct 2004

Is your computer by a window or is the room cold or anything as these may be other factors to do with the CPU & System's temperature.

My computer is right next to a window, and I find that sometimes at night when it's really cold (it is Autumn now), my CPU drops down to less than 18C & the System is 14C. My average temperature ranges from CPU 39-43C, System 28C.

Another factor is you may already have sufficient cooling inside your case like case fans or tidy insides where nothing is blocking the airflow.

  DoctorButcher 13:20 05 Oct 2004

When i set the system up, i routed all the internals away from the top of the HS/fan, so the path is clear across the top.

The case fan also sits practically on top of the CPU setup. My HDDs are both fitted with cooling fans and there is the obligatory fan on the GFX card.

I have a small room (cupboard really! ;)) where i have my PC setup. It's windowless, but there are enclosed central heating pipes in one corner...It'll be interesting to see what happens when it comes on!

I just find it strange that the CPU is reported to be half the temp. of the system...

  BeForU 13:28 05 Oct 2004

Yeah I find it strange when it happens to me as well. But as long as the computer is still running fine then hey, no problem with it. Least for a while when the temperature is that low, it will give some longer life span & perhaps less crashing etc due to some overheating problems.

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