Avast4Home Registration Key questions

  p;3 21:12 26 Sep 2009

I have avast4Home installed on two computers; are we allowed to use the same licence key on both computers and if so how does the system not know that I am using two computers with two different isntallations of avast4Home ?

Surely I need to register the product on each computer and get keys for both computers? Problem is; on one comp it is up and running properly and on the other it is asking for a key as the what I think is a 'trial' period' is ended and it is asking me for a key; if I give it my key from my current machine will that then invalidate the up- and -running installation and invalidate it ?

  InTheCity 21:18 26 Sep 2009


  p;3 21:31 26 Sep 2009

So you are saying I am not allowed to use the same avast4Home licence key on more that one computer or..... ??

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'The same license key on more computers (provided they are used for non-commercial purposes and in home use only) doesn't harm the avast! functionality or ability to update in any way.'

Are they saying we can use the same key on more than one computer? or should we register each computer?

  ambra4 21:54 26 Sep 2009

The same license key can be used on more than one computer provided they are used for home use only

  Stuartli 22:21 26 Sep 2009

Avast! comes with a 60 day registration period, which can be extended to about 14 months by registering on the website (make sure you tick the box to state it is for Home use, otherwise you won't be sent the key).

I can't see any reason not to use the same registration key on more than one home system as it's freeware; I suspect that the real purpose is to keep tabs on how many Avast! users there are out there for commercial reasons.

  rdave13 22:35 26 Sep 2009

Tried it before and it doesn't work. Something to do with your PC's name under Systems.
ambra4, I disagee with you. Avast makes sure one PC to one valid licence.

  Belatucadrus 22:56 26 Sep 2009

License on free version is, if I remember correctly one desktop & one laptop provided they are not run simultaneously.

  rdave13 23:06 26 Sep 2009

Licence is free for all home users but you need to go through the simple steps of registering all your home PCs individually.

  Stuartli 00:21 27 Sep 2009

When you register Avast! you only have to provide your own name and e-mail address (plus whether for home or business environment use).

Not sure how the company would know if you were using it in a business environment...

  rdave13 00:29 27 Sep 2009

You only provide your own name and email address AFTER you download AND install Avast Home. Antivirus programs always 'phone home' otherwise they won't be up to the job.
Don't you think?

  ambra4 02:10 27 Sep 2009


“I disagree with you. Avast makes sure one PC to one valid licence”

At present I have Avast installed on three difference computers using Vista, XP and Win7 with the same licence key

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