Avast. When it scans a virus...

  Ronyap 18:42 30 Oct 2007

Hi all,

When Avast scans a virus, it pops up a window telling you to take action. BUt you know...I really want to just leave it there, without having to comeback everytime a virus is scanned. Other antiviruses have the 'clearing up viruses screen' at the end. How do I do this?


  Fingees 18:59 30 Oct 2007

I would have thought it much better to tell you a suspect virus has been detected than have it automatically erase it.

There are such things as false positives on all anti virus scanners. It's up to you to make the decision

  Ronyap 19:01 30 Oct 2007

Fingees. You do not get what I mean. I do not mean for the programme to automatically erase the virus. I just want it to round all of it till the END, all in one go, like most other Antiviruses.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:27 30 Oct 2007

By default, avast! Virus Cleaner does all the work automatically. When you start it, the following will be done:

1.The operating system memory will be scanned, and if any known virus is found, the virus process is terminated - thus avoiding further spreading. If it is not possible to terminate the infected process (it could happen e.g. with Nimda worm that uses a fake library to run inside other processes), the virus will be deactivated in memory to stop its spreading.

2.Your local hard disks will be scanned.

3.The "startup items" (such as the system registry, Startup Folder(s), etc.) will be scanned. References to infected files found in memory or on disk will be removed or fixed.

4.Infected files, identified in point 2, will be removed or fixed (as needed).

5.Additional working/temporary files created by the identified viruses will be removed.

6.If restarting the computer is needed to finish the disinfection process (e.g. when a file could not be removed because it was currently in use, or if the deactivated virus process is still present in memory), the user is notified and asked whether the restart should be done immediately.

  Ronyap 20:42 30 Oct 2007

Sorry, but that really doesnt answer my question >.<. All I want to know is how to disable the window that pops up when it discovers a virus and like, have a pop up screen at the end which shows ALL of the viruses discovered.

  SB23 21:22 30 Oct 2007

I don't know if I quite understand what your asking.
I run Avast, and if it detects a virus a window pops up and asks for an action, (delete etc), which is fine.
The only other window I get is one that tells me of the files that it has been unable to scan, at the end.

  woodchip 21:29 30 Oct 2007

You set it how you want it to run in properties or Options. Try right click icon in System tray look for settings

  Ronyap 21:31 30 Oct 2007


"I run Avast, and if it detects a virus a window pops up and asks for an action, (delete etc), which is fine."

This is the exa\ct thing Im talking about. The problem is, when this window pops up, it stops the virus scanner...Right? until you make an action? Correct me if I am wrong.

If it doesnt interfere with the sacnning, then everything is fine.

  SB23 21:43 30 Oct 2007

I'm virus free, so I tried it on the Eicar test virus zip file.

It comes up with recommended action, move to chest, underneath that is an option to not show this dialog again. I assume if you tick in the box it would just simply move the file to the chest, and continue to scan.
But I will say that while it waited for me, it did pause the scanning, I prefer it that way.


  rdave13 21:46 30 Oct 2007

Avast will stop and wait for user input before resuming scanning if virus found. Presumably to stop the virus reproducing and running scan would fail to pick up.

  Ronyap 21:52 30 Oct 2007

Thats the thing. Usually, I leave the computer when its scanning. So, I dont want to always comeback when it scans a virus. Other virus scanners keep it till the end, which is more convenient as you can see. Can't anyone see my point im trying to make >.< .

Anyways, thanks SB23, still, I think there should be an option to change this, rather than change it whilst in action.

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