AVAST! versus AVG - any views?

  Curran Shelter 12:46 28 Feb 2004

I know there are already various threads about each, and everyone has their favourite, but has anyone done an unbiased comparison of both on the same system, and can recommend one over the other?

The interfaces appear fine to me so I'm really just interested in reliability, partic. on Win XP and ME.

Also, if there are any other true freeware all-purpose virus scanners out there that anyone can recommend, I would be interested.

The only other requirement I have is to be able to download pattern file updates independently of the programs' auto-update function, as one of my PCs isn't on the 'net.

Thanks :)

  anon1 12:49 28 Feb 2004

you can download the updates manually from the avg website. I have used avg for some time now and I am very happy with it. Never yet let me down.

  MichelleC 13:08 28 Feb 2004

I used Avast after NAV, and online scan picked up 2 nasties avast had missed. I use AVG now and no probs.

  soy 13:17 28 Feb 2004

I would say that they are both equal in terms of reliability. Sometimes they can miss but on the whole, the catch most. Just keep things up to date and you will be fine.

AVG has good email scan function and integration and overall use is really easy.

Avast has a much nicer interface and scans the system more quickly.

I have ditched both and now use eTrust EZ antivirus and firewall. Theres an offer that gives you a free years worth of updates click here.

  Belatucadrus 14:28 28 Feb 2004

Both avast! & AVG are good, neither have let anything through on my systems. avast! home gives you rather more options than AVG free, it also has probably the best update system of any anti virus available. Comes with scanners for e-mail, P2P, Instant messaging & Outlook exchange. Alwil also offer support and a user forum for users of the free version, Grisoft don't offer anything to AVG free users. In my opinion avast! is the best free package at the moment, subject to review if Grisoft make a version of AVG 7 free.

  JJCUK 14:42 28 Feb 2004

what I like about avast was the regular small updates which was important before I had broadband other AV software updates where far to large

  Socalled 14:47 28 Feb 2004

I Have been using SOPHOS home user evaluation for nearly 18 months now with free email notification and definitions downloads,that keeps your pc safe and i cannot fault it.
click here

  Kalitechnis 15:05 28 Feb 2004

I had been using (free) AVG for 3 years, with no complaints whatever, caught my only 2 viruses.
Then I read that they were going to discontinue the free version, so I thought
I would try out other Progs. I tried Antivir-no complaints other than large infrequent updates (each update is a complete program, I believe).
Then Avast!, which seems a much more advanced prog., with some "cool" skins. I liked it a lot, but for it's heavy memory usage (4-5 times as much as AVG uses!) Also it calls up RPCSS.exe always, and this was always trying to access the internet (when I was online). I had never seen this process running before, and wasn't even aware of it's presence. ("It is an application that allows other programs to call publicly declared procedures over a network. It becomes a crucial component for other network related Microsoft software").
This worried me, especially as it was right at the time of the widely dissemminated "scare" regarding this process's security vulnerability. It turned out to be only aplicable to XP systems, not my 98se, so that was ok(sort of), but still I did not like it trying to acces the net continuously even though I had it blocked by my firewall.
I posted on the Alwill forum regarding the issue, others were very concerned also.
One of the program's developers replied saying there was nothing to worry about, but would/could not explain the internet access issue.
I decided to return to AVG- so simple, effective, and uses so little resources.
There is no sign they are going to discontinue the free version, for now.
If they did, I would go back to Avast, though. I'm sure it's a good effective program (for freeware).


  Belatucadrus 15:19 28 Feb 2004

click here avast! pattern file updates can be downloaded for non net linked machines, The current one is however 1.5Mb so isn't going to fit on a floppy disk without zipping.

  CurranShelter 19:51 28 Feb 2004

Thanks all, some useful advice there.

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