Avast settings

  gudda96 09:48 12 Apr 2004

Can anyone tell me the correct settings please to ensure my mail is certified in and out when using Avast.

  rawprawn 10:32 12 Apr 2004

Right clickthe Avast icon in the system tray/ click Avast on line scanner/ click internet mail/ click customise button/Under the POP tab make sure there is a tick in Scan inbound mail/ Under the SMTP tab make sure there is a tick i Scan Outbound mail.

  gudda96 11:08 12 Apr 2004


I cannot reach that box by r/c on Avast but I can if I D/L/C/internet mail/customize/pop 2 ticks/smtp top and bottom ticked/IMAP two ticks/

Still no cert on mail, what am I doing wrong.

  rawprawn 11:33 12 Apr 2004

I'm sorry I can't seem to get a certified message either. I assume you mean the ones that appear at the bottom of the emails sent & recieved. I know avast does it as I have had it before, but I think having put the settings into Avast it is then a question of configuring your email settings. I don't know what you are using I am on Outlook 2000. Unfortunately I don't have time to play with it right now but I suspect it depends on whether you are sending html or plain text. Good luck.
PS I think Avast is the best free AV on the web & even if you cant get it to print a message you are still covered.

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