Avast Scan Speed.

  Lion Tamer 19:22 04 Nov 2006

I have downloaded and installed free Avast Home, and am presently running my first scan.

However, compared to what I had before (Norton) it seems very slow. So far it has taken about one hour to scan 116,000 files. I am doing a Thorough rather than a Standard scan.

Is this speed normal? Should I normally do a Standard or a Thorough scan?

  Terry Brown 19:28 04 Nov 2006

Is NORTON still on your system ?, as this may be causing the slow running, alternatively you may have a hard drive error and avast is trying to fix it. Try running chksys [drive] /f [autofix].

  robgf 19:41 04 Nov 2006

The thorough scan does take a loooonnnnnggggg while, I would normally just use the standard scan.
Only use the thorough scan if you suspect you have been infected by something.

Rob. :)

  SB23 21:17 04 Nov 2006

Just for info, I've just been reading about antivirus programs in general, and although Avast is very good, and comes high in the charts, it was suggested that it was abit slow.
I've just reinstalled it again, after trying a few others for a few weeks, but I find it beats the others, hands down, even if the scan times do take a little longer.

I think I can live with that.

  arris 21:26 04 Nov 2006

I always do quick scan. takes about 9 or 10 mins.

  gel 07:11 05 Nov 2006

I do a standard scan whilst I have breakfast It takes 25mins A thorough scan including archives takes 1hr 15 mins

  dogbreath1 09:21 05 Nov 2006

Ditto. I have used Avast for ages...very good but painfully slow on scan.

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