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  prince midas 12:55 09 May 2009

I have been giving Avast Antivirus a test and would like a little help on the following.
Is it possible to get an Avast Security suite which includes a firewall and anti spyware beside the antivirus?
Also when I load the computor it now says you are running an Active X is this okay and I have to tick yes or no and I am sure this is from Avast.
Finally it detects 2 files which are not trojans,how do I tell Avast to ignore them?

  Sea Urchin 13:08 09 May 2009
  provider 2 13:16 09 May 2009

Excellent tutorial there, Sea Urchin, if I may say so.

I think Avast is working on a firewall but no firm date for introduction has been given as yet.

Avast 4.8 includes an anti-spyware component.

  provider 2 13:24 09 May 2009

... and quite a lot else: click here

  prince midas 13:39 09 May 2009

Thanks guys but you havent answered my question on telling it to ignore trojans which do not exist, or the active x question.

  provider 2 14:24 09 May 2009

prince midas,

In reverse order, the active x you refer to, I don`t think has anything to do with Avast. At least I`ve not seen any such warning or advice.

As for "trojans" (files?) that don`t exist, you can exclude them from being scanned by right-clicking the blue globe and selecting program settings> exclusions, if you`re sure those files are ok.

The Avast forum is a good source of info if these answers are inadequate. There is also a section specifically on viruses and worms etc click here

  woodchip 14:29 09 May 2009

if you told us what avast said, it would make it easier to tell you

  prince midas 16:31 09 May 2009

Thanks guys the Active X message appears to have gone away now, the tip by Provider 2 worked fine when I looked in exclusions and put the names of the suspected files in and told it to exclude them.

  provider 2 17:07 09 May 2009

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