Avast puzzle or...

  Stuartli 15:32 08 Jun 2005

...rather a small one...:-)

Beefed up computer system internet security for a friend the other day who doesn't know much or really appreciate the risks he's been taking each time he dials into Tiscali.

The usual items were installed such as ZoneAlarm, SpyWareBlaster etc but, although I use AVG, I decided to try Avast as forum members have commented that it tries to update automatically each time it's online as well as scheduled.

Everything went well and Avast installed OK; I updated it and registered before running a complete scan in what appeared to be a DOS window.

Several nasties were caught and removed with the simple process of pressing 1 to Delete or 2 to Delete all. Scan over and I went home.

Today I decided to try Avast myself and remove AVG as the former's scan speed was vastly superior to the Grisoft product, good though it has proved.

To my surprise I haven't been able to register on the website despite several attempts, whilst my opening scan appeared in a standard skin form; there was no way I could reproduce the DOS type screen...:-(

Anyone any idea of how to get to it? I've tried every combination without success (security is set at High level).

  Taff36 16:31 08 Jun 2005

I have been using Avast on my laptop since my NAV subscription ran out at the end of May. Set it up and very impressed with it so far. The scan you refer to is at boot up and as you say looks like a DOS screen which it probably is. To cancel it and proceed to Windows boot you press ESC key. I have never seen it run on the laptop so it is a setting somewhere.

I put Avast on another machine last night. (Very bad case of Adware, virus`s etc) Because I didn`t want to connect to the internet I loaded it from disc and skipped the registration on line. When I rebooted the scan you refer to appeared! A little more "ferreting" and I realise I must have selected a scheduled Boot Scan.

To do this open Avast and right click the vertical bar on the far right of the interface. A host of options come up - Incidentally if you do this whilst a scan is in progress you get options for background scans - select "Schedule Boot Scan" and you are asked to reboot your computer. Voila!

  Stuartli 18:09 08 Jun 2005

Many thanks for that. I installed it from a memory card and presumably must have chosen a boot scan on initial start.

I know I've not been able to replicate it since...:-)

  Stuartli 22:48 08 Jun 2005

Tried to do a boot scan on restart but without success, merely froze up the system.

So I decided to reinstall Avast. On completion it asked if I wanted to do a boot rescan on restart (which is where I must have found the method installing it on the other system) but, again, activity but only a black screen.

Now given up on the idea although I did like the means to delete any nasties immediately whilst the scan was going on...:-(

Registered second time via Outlook Express rather than Thunderbird - went through but sitll not had a proper registration number. Came within seconds the other day.

  Stuartli 22:49 08 Jun 2005

>>lthough I did like the means to delete any nasties>>

This was on the other system...

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