Is Avast preventing emails from downloading?

  fudge 13:08 07 Dec 2004

I'm beginning to despair!

Having been using AVG 6 for ages, with no problems, I upgraded to version 7 only for numerous problems to occur. I got fed up trying to correct it and tried Avast instead. Initially this was excellent, and so easy to set up and use(it does most of it for you).

However, recently some strange things have been happening. I use Mailwasher with multiple email accounts, but only have two accounts set to be checked by default. I also use Outlook Express 6.0 to read the mail.

If I check mail with Mailwasher and leave it on the server, when I download it with Outlook Express I don't get all the mail seen in Mailwasher. I have Outlook Express set to leave mail on the server but if I re-check it with Mailwasher it's gone. I've checked it several times by sending mail to myself to and from various accounts and it happens quite a lot, but not every time.

Also, and again intermittently across various accounts, Mailwasher often responds with a message that 'plaintext passwords are not supported by this account'. Check the mail again and it's usually OK but it can do the same thing again later. Nearly always does it on first check after start-up. It's really frustrating!

Does anybody know what's wrong?

I've made no changes other than those Avast makes automatically (IP adresses etc.) but I have changed them back and still have the same problem. I have also updated to the latest version of Avast but still no joy.

I've had no response from asking either Avast or Mailwasher tech support so given up with them.

Why oh why did AVG pull the plug on version 6? All I want is a working antivirus and be able to get my mail. Is this too much to ask? Somebody please help.........!

  Djohn 14:03 07 Dec 2004

Can't help with Avast as I don't use it. Other members do and will probably be able to sort your problems. If not and you want to give AVG 7 another go then I will try to help if I can.

Your correct in saying that AVG 7 has caused numerous problems but most have been sorted now. There have been a dozen or more threads regarding one issue or another with AVG 7 and its not quite as straight forward as AVG 6 was in setting up.

Version 6 was just a quick download and leave as it was to silently get on with its work. Version 7 needs a few tweaks depending on what the problems are.

If you can let us know what problems you were having with version 7 then we may be able to answer them before you make a decision to change back or not.

  fudge 14:34 07 Dec 2004

Thanks for the offer but I'm hoping to resolve problems with Avast first. When it's working it's superb and I'm not 100% certain problems are actually caused by Avast - they may be down to Mailwasher, but unlikely.

If I don't get anywhere I may well revert to AVG and seek help with that. I've completely uninstalled it, including cleaning the registry, so would need a fresh install. I have the original download saved so would you install from that or try another download?

Reading these and other threads I get the impression antivirus programmes generally seem to create lots of problems anyway - so don't know which is best.

  Belatucadrus 15:00 07 Dec 2004

You could try temporarily disabling the avast Internet mail shield to see if it makes any difference.
Right click on the toolbar icon and select 'On access protection control' then selecting Internet mail / Provider actions / terminate.
I don't recommend leaving it off for long though.

  fudge 15:29 07 Dec 2004

Sorry, done that - no difference.

  Wak 15:38 07 Dec 2004

I have used Avast for ages and have never had any problems regarding E-mail.
However, the only time I had trouble sending e-mails was when I opened a Hotmail account which does not like Outlook Express and vice versa.
I also believe that hotmail altered my Outlook settings so that I could not send any mail through Outlook.
Cancelling the Hotmail account resolved all my problems.
Look in Outlook Express/ Tools/ Accounts/ Mail/ Properties/ Servers and check your settings.

  fudge 16:00 07 Dec 2004

The only changes are those that Avast made itself, i.e. it changed the IP address to and added the POP3 address to the account name. From what I understand this is normal and how it ensures all mail goes through Avast.

Anyhow, as I said, I've changed those settings back to the originals but it made no difference.

Basically, the messages I'm getting are as if I'm trying to check the mail whilst offline. By the way, this is happening on my laptop with a dial-up connection as well as my PC which is broadband connected (also happens to laptop if connected by wi-fi to broadband). I don't think the connection has any relevance though.

  Cook2 16:24 07 Dec 2004

No trouble with Avast! and e-mails here. I get the very occasional alert saying a virus has been detected, when receiving mail, and choose to have it deleted.

  Wak 16:49 07 Dec 2004

Hi Fudge, I only mentioned the hotmail account which caused me problems as you also may have had a hotmail account.
Incidentally, I didn't know that Avast altered the Mail settings in Outlook Express as well, I always assumed that it was Mailwasher that did that.
Ah well, we live and learn.

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