Avast Licence has expired

  Border View 15:57 01 Mar 2006

I have just received a red pop up from Avast to say that a probelm occured whilst trying to update data base. It turns out that my Avast Free Home Edition licence expired today.

What should I do next? Should I unistall present system and then go to Avast website and download again, or should I just go to the web site and download the latest version?

  rdave13 15:58 01 Mar 2006

Just re register on website.

  Border View 16:00 01 Mar 2006

Thank you - am giving it a go.

  rdave13 16:02 01 Mar 2006
  rdave13 16:05 01 Mar 2006

Sorry link not working. Navigate to Avast home version and you can re-register there.

  rdave13 16:07 01 Mar 2006
  Border View 16:08 01 Mar 2006

Thanks Rdave13 - Panic over - have managed to reregister. thank you for responding so promptly.

  Stuartli 16:10 01 Mar 2006

If you didn't register when you originally installed Avast! the demo registration lasts for about three months - this is extended to more than a year if you officially register.

As pointed out, you can easily register as many times as you need afterwards.

  watchful 16:16 01 Mar 2006

I kept my registration notification from Avast - mine runs out in June - but, on re-reading it, I noticed at the bottom: Future updates of virus database will be done automatically. The new updates of software are announced by blue notification windows but you should run them manually.

Can someone tell me what this means please, the bit about running them manually?

Sorry to hijack Barmoor but it is relevant :o)

  Belatucadrus 17:20 01 Mar 2006

Have a look in avast! Program Settings / Update (basic) the default setting if I remember correctly is Virus database "Automatic", Program "Ask when update is available".
I suspect this is what your note refers to, I've always set mine to automatic updates for both.

  watchful 17:53 01 Mar 2006

I have checked it out and it is up-to-date. Current version(0609-1)updated today. The blue notification always pops up, accompanied by the nice voice, but I never click it to see the information so I now think it means that you must run manual scans.

Thank you.

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