Avast found viruses!

  hawthorn59 01:44 04 May 2007

Hello folks

My topic has 3 parts, which may be linked.

1 First my wireless broad band wasnt working yesterday or today, and Im wondering if the following problems may be the cause.

2 I have Avast anti virus and ran a "thorough" scan today and found 6 viruses

Name: Virus

A00006873.exe Win32:Trojan-gen {other}
A00006874.exe Win32:Trojan-gen {other}
A00006875.exe Win32:Trojan-gen {other}

The "Original Location" column said C:\System Volume Information\_restore and a long string of numbers


Dc32.exe Win32:Trojan-gen {other}
Dc33.exe Win32:Trojan-gen {other}
Dc34.exe Win32:Trojan-gen {other}

Original location here was C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21 and again a long number string

All 6 under "Last Changed" column say 14-04-2007

OK, all I was recommended to do with them was move them to the chest. Are they gone or do I delete them or what?

3 My 3rd point; I have Avast for a while, but I thought it automatically scanned every day. These didnt surface until i ran the full scan manually today. I cant seem to find a way of setting it to scan say every 2 or 3 days. If any else uses it Id appreciate your take on this.

My broadband is back tonight working perfectly. however it also worked last night but not yesterday or today. It didnt show any wireless connection so wasnt detecting the router at all. Could this be connected with the viruses, I wonder?


  FatboySlim71 08:25 04 May 2007

If they are in the C:\System Volume Information\_restore and a long string of numbers

You will need to do the following as the virus/s are in the restore points of the computer.

First go into control panel/performance and maintainence, towards the top of the window that comes up and on the left handside you will see "SYSTEM RESTORE" click on this, next click on "SYSTEM RESTORE SETTINGS" on the little window that comes up, click on "TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE". It will then warn you that you are going to turn off system restore and that all your restore points will be deleted (or words to that affect)

After you have done the above restart your pc and run Avast again and see if it finds anything, once Avast has finished, you can then turn back on system restore.

Regarding your other questions, you can if you wish delete the virus's that are contained in the chest, but whilst the virus's are in the chest they can do no harm.

I have used Avast for quite a while and I normally just manually run a full thorough scan every couple of days, im not sure if you know this but if you right click on a folder on your pc, you should see in the menu that appears a little blue circle with a letter a in the middle of it, this represents Avast, this allows you to scan that folder/file, for example, if you have downloaded a program. Hope this helps.

  birdface 09:03 04 May 2007

Once you have followed Fatboyslim71 instructions I would use a good Spyware program,A Squared or Avg Anti-Spyware,Just in case Avast missed a few,

  FatboySlim71 09:20 04 May 2007

Good point buteman.

  hawthorn59 09:50 04 May 2007

Thanks folks, I will do that. I have Ad-aware and Spyware Terminator, would they be good enough? Though Spyware Terminator runs every day and didnt come across these. It just found invalid shortcuts and a tracking cookie.


  Belatucadrus 11:21 04 May 2007

avast! free doesn't scan every day though you can set the screensaver to avast! antivirus and it will then run an incremental scan whenever the screensaver is running.
It is also possible to set a scheduled quick scan using Windows scheduler :-
click here

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