Avast forum virus

  ste76 23:55 24 Aug 2007

Can anyone else go here: click here without Avast saying: "Caution a virus has been detected."

I've looked in log viewer and it says:
Sign of "CVE-2007-0038" has been found in "click here file.

What gives?

  ste76 23:57 24 Aug 2007

whoops..thats second "click here" wasn't meant. Um, it should have read:
Sign of "CVE-2007-0038" has been found in http:// mediacount.net/strong/020sdsfg/324123.htm file.

  Belatucadrus 00:05 25 Aug 2007

No idea, avast! not showing any problems when I link to the forum, but I am running Adblock, so if it's a dodgy advertisement at mediacount, I may be blocking it.

  woodchip 00:18 25 Aug 2007

Read click here

  ste76 00:21 25 Aug 2007

After 10 instances of Avast alerting me with this virus in log viewer, it has suddenly stopped and allowed me to go onto the site without that American fella telling me a virus has been detected. But there is now a yellow bar at the top of the screen that goes "blup" whenever I try to navigate the forum and says: "This website wants to run the following add-on: Microsoft Data Access - Remote Data Services Dat... from Microsoft Corporation.

I'm so confused. What to do?

  brundle 00:22 25 Aug 2007

NOD32 flags up Aniload.NAC trojan, whatever that is.

  brundle 00:24 25 Aug 2007

`Don't go there` as the phrase has it.
Working forum link click here

  Dipso 00:28 25 Aug 2007

I get an exploit warning when clicking on your working forum link???

  ste76 00:34 25 Aug 2007

Brundle, that link you gave opens for me but all IE7 tabs flash orange and that yellow 'blup' bar with the add-on keeps asking me to run it. I've never seen out like this before.

  Dipso 00:40 25 Aug 2007

This is Kapersky's warning -

This file may contain malware, You are advised to block this download. Exploit.Win32.IMG-ANI.ak

  ste76 01:01 25 Aug 2007

I can't login to the Avast forum anymore either to ask the admins about it.

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