Avast & ETrust AV together ?

  rawprawn 17:16 18 Apr 2004

I have run Avast AV for some time with no problems, but after loading Service pack 2 beta, the new security setup in SP2 didn't recognise it.So also loaded Etrust AV which SP2 recognises. They seem to work happily side by side in the system tray, & I obviously I don't run them together when scanning. Is there any problem with this?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:27 18 Apr 2004

Why not just use Etrust????? OTT.


  rawprawn 18:39 18 Apr 2004

ETrust is free for one year only, Avast has given me very good service & I am loathe to abandon it. I installed Etrust because it was on the MS Security disc to try it. I agree that this is probably OTT, but I am asking if there is a problem not not if it is needed.

  VoG II 18:44 18 Apr 2004

Conventional wisdom is that it is a bad idea to have more than one virus scanner installed (assuming that they do on-demand scanning). They slow each other down. But if you're system is working OK I can't see any problem in keeping both.

  961 18:53 18 Apr 2004

Why not uninstall avast and then re-install

As said above it is generally thought to be a bad idea to run 2 av checkers together

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:01 18 Apr 2004

Why not use AVG....everyone happy.


  rawprawn 19:09 18 Apr 2004

I have just been looking click here and I am quite suprised. AVG which most members prefer gives a 66.85% cover ETrust 63.08%, and Avast 86.85%. Perhaps I should uninstall ETrust which is recomended?supplied by Microsoft.

  bremner 19:17 18 Apr 2004


Your link provides test results nearly a year old.
I know that more recent tests have shown that it performs better than it previously did.

I for one do not trust AVG6 to provide protection as it has let me down - but many here do like it.

  QQAA 19:20 18 Apr 2004

unlike the english premier league soccer, i suppose the realworld performance of anti-virus tools is quite a dynamic one. there is no guarantee whatsoever that the top-ranking products this time can occupy similar prime positions when come to the next test.......

  rawprawn 19:27 18 Apr 2004

OK guys I think I have got my answer, I am not trying to advocate one or another AV, I just thoght it interesting. Personally I will stay with Avast it has not let me down yet.

  QQAA 19:27 18 Apr 2004

regarding AVG which has a long history of presence as a popular freeware antivirus tool, i sometimes wonder why Symantec or Network Associates have not been bothered to take-over its developer (and effectively 'killing' the product) if it is viewed as a real threat to the well-known commercial products.

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