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  hawthorn59 14:49 10 Jan 2007


Ive just installed Avast, having had big problem with Bit Defender. Avast did a boot scan I think. It came up with 3 infected files, what do you think of these? I had Norton trial before Bit Defender and neither came up with these.

919A-DB7B394CD5BC}\RP69\A000587.dll is infected by

the next file was the same except for a slightly different number before .dll

The 3rd one was:

C:\win\system32\ActiveScan\pskavs.dll infected by

(Also it scanned 64606 files. Bit Defender seemed to scan about twice that??)

I did not repair or delete he files yet, just ignored them. What should i do?


  Jackcoms 14:51 10 Jan 2007
  961 15:01 10 Jan 2007

The first two files are from the system restore programme. Turn off system restore and re-boot. This should remove them

Then do a full system scan. Avast may be able to quarantine any infected files. If not carefully write down infected files and consult internet virus sites for details of how to remove. (Panda/Kaspersky etc)

Once the system is clean turn on system restore again

  johndrew 15:02 10 Jan 2007

I know little of Avast and its strengths/weaknesses but found two reports on their site one regarding a false positive and the other an apparent infection but incomplete.

click here;prev_next=next

click here;action=display;threadid=5566

There was also some help on the subject at the Avast site click here

Have you scanned with Defender, Ad-Aware, Spybot, a-squared and/or any other malware scanners? If so what did they report?

  hawthorn59 03:51 11 Jan 2007

Ok folks Im worried..!

Avast is offering to repair it...but suggesting to move it to chest (quarentine I presume). If you put virus in quarantine is it removed then, or at least not active?

Can I remove/repair it with avast??

Is avast dodgy??


  961 09:30 11 Jan 2007

No, Avast is fine. I've used it for years and it works. Remember, it found what your other jobbie didn't

The Chest is what Avast uses to neutralise this virus (which incidentally lies on your computer for 6 months from the date you downloaded it before it start to do its nasties). Move the file, as suggested, to the chest. Then re-boot and do a full system scan which should come up clear. And then forget it. It's sorted!

  hawthorn59 10:13 11 Jan 2007

God of thats the case great! Adaware found nothin..?


  hawthorn59 08:55 13 Jan 2007

Have to say after 4 days Im very impressed and happy with Avast. It has found and removed to the chest 4 instances of Win32:CTX. It could be my imagination but I think my laptop is running better already.

I get quite a few notices from its Network Shield of attacks, and it blocks the attack. Is this in fact a firewall and do I still need a firewall like, say, kerio?

Also Im not sure from the programme whether it automatically scans my laptop every day.How would i check this, and if it doesnt, is it possible to set it up?

One last thing, when I right click a file or folder and ask avast to scan it, something just flashes really quickly and I cant read the results. Any other users notice this and how do i solve it?



  961 09:08 13 Jan 2007

If Avast is continuing to find new instances of this virus then I wonder if you did indeed clear the system restore files as suggested in an earlier post?

The files to install a virus on your computer can be stored in the system restore system, so that even if the virus itself is cleaned it merely resurrects itself on reboot

The answer is to close down system restore, clearing all the files including those that install the virus. Then reboot, switch system restore back on, and create a new system restore point. A rescan should show the system as clean

You do need a separate firewall. I suggest zone alarm, which has a free version which is all you need. Any other reputable firewall will do equally well

It is possible to set Avast to scan your system each day but this is not normally necessary. The important thing with a laptop is to ensure that regular updates of the virus files take place. A desktop normally connects to the internet automatically each day and Avast will look for updates. A laptop does not necessarily do that. Since there are updates each day and often more than one it is important to ensure you arrange for regular checks for updates

If Avast scans a file it will tell you in no uncertain terms if it finds a problem

  Belatucadrus 12:29 13 Jan 2007

Two things it's worth doing with avast! on a replacement installation.
1:- Open avast!, open the menu and schedule a boot time scan, this will enable avast! to check the disk at the next boot before Windows is up and running and deal with anything that could otherwise be protected by Windows.
2:- Go into Display properties and set the screensaver to avast! antivirus, avast! will now run a sequential scan whenever the system is idle. This substitutes for the daily scan that you refer to.
It is possible to use Windows scheduler to set avast to run when you want click here for a note on how to do this.

As to the reading of results from the right click scan, the default setting only leaves a warning on the screen if anything is found, if the file is clear it just shuts the window. You can however change this by right clicking the taskbar icon and selecting Program Settings, in the resultant window, go to the Common Tab and select the tick box next to "Show results of explorer extension", it'll now leave an box showing the scan result after every check.

avast! isn't a firewall and shouldn't be seen as a substitute, I found the shield notifications a pain in the posterior so selected silent mode.

  gudgulf 12:52 13 Jan 2007

C:\win\system32\ActiveScan\pskavs.dll infected by

Have a look at click here;prev_next=next

If you use or have used the Panda online scanner then this is a false postitive within Avast.Pskavs.dll is a Panda antivirus file.

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