Avast database updating won't update

  cowgirl66 09:32 04 Sep 2006

I'm having great problems with Avast database automatic update. It updates to the latest version, 0635-4 and then straight after that another window, red this time, pops up telling me that I'm using an old VPS (virus database) file 0645-4 (same version) and will I please update it.

I have my update settings at automatic, and if I've already updated it to this file then why is it telling me it's out of date?

I've tried uninstalling Avast, restarting computer, removing final Alwil folder from Prog files and reinstalling the program again but the same thing happens.

I have checked in the Avast forum for version 4.7 and I can't see that anyone is having this problem.

Any more of this and I'm going back to Antivir!

Regards cowgirl66

  johnnyrocker 09:41 04 Sep 2006

maybe time for a change and try AVG.


  961 09:49 04 Sep 2006

Can you confirm red box gives number 0645-4

i.e. later number than current file

  cowgirl66 09:58 04 Sep 2006

sorry I meant 0635-4

And also in my Control Panel > Security Centre I get this under my Antivirus Info panel..

"Avast! antivirus 4.7.871 [VPS 0635-4] reports that it might be out of date. Click Recommendations for actions you might take."

And the "Recommendation" is to update the antivirus, which is what I've been trying to do manually, only to be told it's up to date when searching for new files. I only get this red window appear when the automatic update kicks in and in the Security Centre in Control Panel.

  961 10:07 04 Sep 2006

I wonder if this is actually a problem with the windows security centre software

Try Start>Settings>Control Panel>Security Centre>Change the way security centre alerts me> and then untick virus protection

See if Avast will then report that it is up to date without any warning appearing

  cowgirl66 13:58 04 Sep 2006

Hi, I've just deleted Avast in favour of Antivir and I'm having the same problem; the automatic update won't update, saying that it was aborted,, and the Security Centre tells me that Antivir may be out of date and I should update it.

I turned off my firewall before installing both Avast and AntiVir so I can only think it's something wrong with the computer and not the Antivurs software apps themselves.

Please help me if you can, as I'm in danger without security like antivirus on my computer.

  baldtaco 14:22 04 Sep 2006

Version 0635-4 is what I have. Don’t know about other versions as I’ve recently migrated from the old AVG. My first thought would have been firewall. mmm, given the broader scope of the problem what about something more mundane like your ‘puters time/date has been thrown out?

Meantime, I’d certainly be considering an online scan and running your browser from a sandbox. I run mine from a sandbox as a matter of habit. Nothing that gets on me can get on anything else, and I Just fish out the bits I want at the end of session. Worth the extra effort ‘till you get this fixed.

  961 14:51 04 Sep 2006

Did you try the suggestion at 10.07 post?

If that does not work, try a system restore to before date of first trouble

If that does not cure try on line scan from Trend or Sophos BUT first ensure that you have new copy of Avast or Antivir as going on line without anti virus and firewall will bring trouble within minutes

  dazza39 14:58 04 Sep 2006

I have Avast running no probs on my PC,have you contacting them?.

  cowgirl66 15:16 04 Sep 2006

hi, yes 961 I have been to your suggestion and the choice was already unticked.

But I have just noticed in the bar above the taskbar on the left of where the Internet earth icon is,, there's a file icon with a red circle and white cross inside it,,, and if the mouse hovers over it I get this message,

"Phishing Filter (I have I.E.7) cannot check this website because the Microsoft online service is temporarily unavailable"

Could this be anything to do with it?

I have run an online scan and no viruses have been found.

Baldtaco, my clock is still ok and in place, but I don't know what you mean about "running my browser from a sandbox" Please clarify?

  961 16:06 04 Sep 2006


IE7 (Beta)

Can you disable or uninstall the Phishing Filter?

I respectfully suggest you go back to IE6 until IE7 is released as a full functioning programme because many bits and pieces may not work well (or at all) with it at the moment

I am not aware of the problems of uninstalling IE7 but one way may be to do a system restore to before it's installation. How long have you had it installed? Has your virus checker problem arrived with installation?

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