avast- cant get rid of it

  ReyesKing 19:09 08 Feb 2005

help! I CANT remove this program from my computer, when i go to control panel add or remove programs, and click change/remove it flashes and doesnt do anything! somebody help me!

  ReyesKing 19:17 08 Feb 2005

pleease help me

  HappySoul 19:43 08 Feb 2005

Did you remember to stop on access protection before trying to uninstall?

Right click the Avast! a icon, bottom right corner of screen and select Stop On-Access Protection.

  HappySoul 19:45 08 Feb 2005

And make sure you have an alternative ready to install and uninstall re-install whilst off-line.

  ReyesKing 19:47 08 Feb 2005

hi- unfortunately i had and have Norton Internet security 2005. it siginificantly slows down my computer shutdown and log off. what can i do? thanks for your help.

  Belatucadrus 20:53 08 Feb 2005

Having two anti virus is a very bad idea, you should always remove one before installing a replacement. Try deactivating both antivirus before running uninstall. If that doesnt work click here or click here may help.

  Belatucadrus 22:26 09 Feb 2005
  Forum Editor 23:04 09 Feb 2005

you want to dispense with Avast in the first place. I've been running it on one of my own computers for some time, and as far as I'm concerned it's very good - it justs sits there and gets on with the job.

I'll be interested to hear about any problems you've had with it.

  Buchan 35 23:35 09 Feb 2005

I agree with FE. why do you want rid of it?

  Border View 23:49 09 Feb 2005

I'm watching this one too. I have Avast and have been more than satisfied after e-mail problems with AVG.

  deke 23:58 09 Feb 2005

Avast seems to work better for me than A.V.G did and it updates regularly by it's self and causes no problems with my e mail,It also took care of a virus that A.V.G could not.

I am watching this thread carefully.

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