Is Avast AV up to scratch?

  hatrickj 07:57 25 Jul 2005

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Is about the program missinh a number of malware itens. I am wondering if I should find another AV checker; go back to AVG perhaps. Comments and advice please.

  howard60 08:24 25 Jul 2005

a virus checker does not always also deal with spyware and trojans etc. You need adaware and spybot etc. for them.

  hatrickj 08:31 25 Jul 2005

I take your point but I alredy use the two you mention. However I experimented with a recommendation from another thread on PCA and the recommnded utilty found a nasty on my computer too. It had hidden itself as an .exe file in a legitimate proram folder.

  Ivor_Monkey 08:40 25 Jul 2005

what file was it?

  watchful 08:50 25 Jul 2005

I am most impressed with Avast so far and run it with Adaware etc., plus a firewall, but who's to know whether it has missed something or not?

My system runs smoothly and there are no problems that I am aware of.

  Stuartli 09:06 25 Jul 2005

I use a similar setup - Avast warns you via a popup when it has blocked a virus and the culprit's name.

It has happened just once since I installed Avast about two months ago (I had been using the equally excellent AVG free version for several years) but liked the automatic updating of Avast.

  Stuartli 09:09 25 Jul 2005

Since switchiing to broadband in early April, I have run regular S and D, Ad-aware and AVG (now Avast) scans and have had just one nasty, discovered by Ad-Aware at the time - the reason I got it was entirely my own fault.

Anyone who has downloaded nVidia drivers from its website will probably guess why...:-)

  Jdoki 10:29 25 Jul 2005

I recently switched from AVG to Avast. My reason was that after going to the Norton site and doing an online scan it found a couple fo virus that AVG hadn't caught.

On loading Avast it found them with no trouble. Ia slo find it's reporting, updating and monitorinf to be better than AVG.

As previous posters have stated you really need to also run malware/spyware tools in conjunction with anti-virus. I use the beta verion of Microsoft Anti-spyware - it's nice as it monitors the system real-time - and then I use Spybot, A2 and Adaware just to hunt out anything else.

I intend to reduce the number of programs I use once I am confident I have found one or two that find everything (or as much as is reasonably possible).

  Stuartli 10:40 25 Jul 2005

There's also SpywareBlaster, which runs in the background.

  Al94 11:38 25 Jul 2005

Sorry for partially hijacking - I have decided to try Avast instead of AVG - question - is the Normal sensitivity ok - can't find explanation of difference between normal and high

  watchful 13:22 25 Jul 2005

I have had just two suspect e-mails since using Avast and I was warned and they were deleted.

Also I use Spywareblaster and keep all these regularly updated.

I like the way Avast tells me, with the blue pop-up, that it has just updated.

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