Avast Anti-virus updating problem

  spuds 13:51 16 Mar 2006

Recently re-installed Avast anti-virus free personal version. Everything seems to work fine, but today had error message stating that it could not update.

Tried to locate a manual check procedure but got confused. Can anyone walk more through a procedure (if there is one), so as to keep Avast in perfect safeguard mode.

  ACOLYTE 13:53 16 Mar 2006

Right click the icon on the task bar,go to updating then click AVS update or program update.

  ACOLYTE 13:55 16 Mar 2006

You did regester online for the validation code? this is free and gives you unlimited updates,well for a few years at least.

  Jackcoms 13:56 16 Mar 2006

I use Avast and ocassinaly get similar messages.

Invariably these occur when I'm offline, yet Avast is still trying to communicate with the 'Mother Ship'.

What is the latesrt anti-virus definition you are showing?

From memory (I'm not in front of my home PC) the last one is dated 14 Feb

  ACOLYTE 13:59 16 Mar 2006

14/03 File version 0611-0 is what i have and i think thats the most recent,click here link to regestration site,just in case.

  Jackcoms 14:10 16 Mar 2006

Whoops, yes, I meant 14 March.

Doesn't time fly (NOT) when you're at work? ;-((

  spuds 14:51 16 Mar 2006

ACOLTYE-- Installed and registered the programme and updated all at the same time.

Jackcoms-- Appears one of those many mysteries in life!.

Just made another check, and everything seems upto date. Still wondering about the error warning message though!.

Ticked as resolved. Thanks guys.

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