Avast 7 Problems

  ACOLYTE 19:45 26 Feb 2012

Ever since my AV updated to version 7,i am unable to play any games at all,everytime i open one i get BSOD errors,Bad pool callers,service exception errors,always different sys drivers that have the errors it never used to happen before i unstalled the new avast7,is there anyway to get version 6 back,this new version is a real load of poo for me.If i disable the AV i can start games without any problems at all,running win 7 64 bit.

  johnnyrocker 19:51 26 Feb 2012

you could try www.oldversion.com?


  rdave13 19:55 26 Feb 2012

You could try resetting it. Settings- troubleshooting and restore factory defaults.

  robin_x 20:55 26 Feb 2012

Nice link Johnny. I Googled oldversion.com and also found Top 100 Undiscovered Websites. I hope hours of endless fun ahead.

Filehippo is also good for some old versions.

Their Avast page is here

  johnnyrocker 21:30 26 Feb 2012

aleays glad to be of use


  johnnyrocker 21:32 26 Feb 2012

always DOH.


  ACOLYTE 06:48 27 Feb 2012

Thank you,the Filehippo link was just what i wanted,i had searched everywhere for V6 and it always pointed to V7.Now i have V6 back everything works again,il just not have to update untill the new version has all the bugs taken out.Also fromwhat i have read online,most of the problems come from the new cloud service file rep,even if you know the file is ok,if it has a bad rep online avast blocks it,seems strange to me.Once again ty all for the links>)

  ACOLYTE 06:51 27 Feb 2012

  • was going to edit my last post to add this but have no idea how to,that V7 made my pc bootup very,very slow with a black screen for 20 odd seconds and unrepsonsive after that till its done w/e it does,so glads i got v6 back.*

  NewestRoyWidd1 12:11 27 Feb 2012

The upgrade to version 7 caused so many problems for me(Opera either crashing or freezing etc.) that I deleted Avast altogether and now have Comodo antivirus which includes the firewall that I had before.

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