Available memory.

  ened 17:35 07 May 2006

I was just looking in System Information and found the following:

Total Physical Memory 1,024.00 MB [which is what I installed]

Available Physical Memory 665.94 MB

I had no programmes running and surely it doesn't take 400 odd meg to keep the system idle.

I followed the mobo instructions and used 2 sticks of 500meg in the outside slots, leaving the inside slot empty.

Now I am wondering if I have it configured correctly or if, indeed, XP Pro uses this much when resting.

Any comments will be appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:39 07 May 2006

It certainly seems a lot. Do you have many background processes running? Any anti-virus / spyware etc?

  ened 17:43 07 May 2006

I keep the Start up items to a minimum but yes I am running AVG.

  SG Atlantis® 18:18 07 May 2006

Onboard graphics will take a chunk of system memory.

What graphics you got?

  ened 18:57 07 May 2006

I have a NVidia 5600 with 256 on board ram.

  ed-0 20:02 07 May 2006

I think it's about right. It's just using around 350Mb of physical memory, leaving 2/3 free.

Press Ctrl + alt + delete and check task manager. Ram usage will be under performance. Also check the number of processes, under erm, processes.

  DieSse 22:57 07 May 2006

I agree that that souinds OK to me.

Windows uses quite a lot of memory when idling, and will have memory allocated ready for certain processes. Windows is always busy, it's never "idling" - if it's not running user tasks (application programs), it's still running many system tasks.

The whole memory space includes real RAM and virtual RAM (which is actually the pageing file on the hard drive). It them balances the use or these two "sections" of memory, dependant on how much real RAM is fitted. It uses more real RAM when there is some, and more virtual RAM when there's less real RAM.

  ened 07:06 08 May 2006

Thanks all.

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