AV software disabled by nasty V

  Burnsy 20:58 16 Oct 2004

I am trying to resuscitate a friend's pc which is seriously ill. But AVG appears to be disabled by a virus (probably smsc.exe). Also ctrl+alt+del has been neutralised, I can't even get msconfig to open. Have got into msconfig via Safe Mode but unchecking the smsc.exe doesn't seem to make any difference.
Your advice will be highly appreciated.

  stalion 21:00 16 Oct 2004

run this in safe mode click here

  Burnsy 23:08 16 Oct 2004

Many thanks for that stalion, for all the research I've done that's a new one altogether. If it does what it says on the packet it's very promising. Will report back once I've run it.

  Burnsy 13:52 26 Oct 2004

Tried the suggested method but whilst its a great free diagnostic tool, you have to buy the package to fix the problems. Found 50-odd viruses in the first 1000-odd files scanned, but running v slow due to the smsc.exe virus and other processes running in the background which I cannot disable as ctrl+alt+del and msconfig seem to have been disabled. Basically the virusses are using up so much of the processors capacity that I can't get the anti-virus to run ... any other way to regain control of the processor so that I can run the progs I need to fix it ?

  bertiecharlie 14:04 26 Oct 2004

No.1 may help if the OS is XP click here also Advanced Process Termination, again for XP, if you have trouble killing the process click here

  Cook2 14:44 26 Oct 2004

Try this click here too if the others fail. It'd a freebie but very good.

  Cook2 14:44 26 Oct 2004

Try this click here too if the others fail. It'd a freebie but very good.

  Burnsy 14:09 27 Oct 2004

Many thanks for these tips, in case i am unsuccessful getting into the Task Manager, does it serve any purpose running the AV software in Safe Mode (as I can close the unwanted processes in this mode) ? or does that defeat the object ?

  ChrisRLG 17:01 27 Oct 2004

we would need to see a hijackthis log to give advice, but the board software here dose not like displaying such info easily.

regester at click here Tomcoyote's

click the link in the email to activate your account.

then get HJT from click here

unzip to its own folder, run it , scan, save log

copy and paste that log to a new topic click here

And someone will be along to help - it is a busy forum so it could be some time :(

  Burnsy 17:28 27 Oct 2004

Thanks Chris I'll give it a go. Can't run hjt in normal mode due to the processes running in th ebackground that i can't close, but can run it in Safe Mode. Will I get the same report/log ?

  Dorsai 18:00 27 Oct 2004

I am no expert, but from what i understand about how HJT works, yes you should. I believe it scans the registry for entries that are 'non-standard'

This will include entries to start up nasties, as these are not normally there. The reason to post it in a forum is that it will also include registry entries that are a result of 'personalization of windows', such as a browser other than IE, and e-mail other than outlook, etc.

So i believe.

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