AV and firewall - on router or computer?

  bart warstein 15:51 15 May 2006

When I relied on dialup, I installed AV and firewall protection on each of my two laptops (McAfee on one, AVG and ZoneAlarm on the other).
I've just gone over to broadband, using a Netgear DG834G wireless modem router. This came with a Trend security suite bundled. During setup it suggested disabling other security progs before activating the Trend programs. As I still use the laptops on other dialup connections when travelling, I decided to keep their AV and FW apps running and did not install the Netgear/Trend progs. Was this sensible? I know that if more than one AV or FW is running they can conflict. So is my router unprotected? If I enable the Trend suite, will it run from within the router (?) and if so how do I monitor it? Or will it in effect try to install alongside the existing AV and FW in my laptops?


  ade.h 16:05 15 May 2006

"...will it run from within the router?"

No, definitely not.

You are right to avoid having more than one AV and more than one client firewall per PC.

But don't get confused between hardware firewalls and client firewalls - two very different things whose features only briefly overlap, specifically where SPI (stateful packet inspection) and related monitoring features are concerned. Hardware firewalls offer more inbound capabilities, such as more sophisticated port control, while client firewalls are most useful for their outbound abilities, such as program launch control, etc.

  bart warstein 10:55 12 Jun 2006

After a lot of looking around in various forums, I've established that my Netgear modem/router had a built in hardware firewall (which sets itself up on the defaults); and that this works quite happily along with the AVG antivirus and ZoneAlarm firewall software I have on my computer. So no need for me to install/setup the Trend security suite that was bundled with my router. And thus my query is resolved...

bart w

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