Autotext Problem

  Dirty Dick 23:35 19 Mar 2005

I'm running Windows XP with Word 2003. I'm having a problem with autotext. I have several formats saved, such as HOME and when I type HOME, a prompt comes on the screen and I press ENTER and my address is put into the Word document. I also have an auto text entry with a text item and alongside I have a Logo, when I type in the name, the prompt appears, I press ENTER and its all in the document. BUT I have scanned my sinature and called it SIGNATURE, but when I type SIGNATURE there is no prompt. I can press F3 after I type SIGNATURE and it puts my signature into the document. Any Ideas



  TOPCAT® 01:16 20 Mar 2005

this MSKB article may put you on the right track. TC.

click here

  THE TERMINATOR 01:44 20 Mar 2005

what format did you save your signature in after you scanned it?

  THE TERMINATOR 01:47 20 Mar 2005

Have you moved your signature into another folder since setting up the autotext?

  THE TERMINATOR 01:49 20 Mar 2005

I think it is not in the same location cos F3 is FIND NEXT and that is what is happening to me.

  Dirty Dick 10:43 20 Mar 2005

I am talking about AUTOTEXT not MACROS

(1) The signature is saved as a JPEG.
(2) I havn't moved the siganatue to another location. (I'm sur the entries are saved in WORD, like
(3) F3 = Search for a file or folder

I can bring back an AUTOTEXT entry that has text and a logo, but can't seem to get an entry that is just a logo (my signature)

  Dirty Dick 19:02 20 Mar 2005


  Dirty Dick 23:29 20 Mar 2005

Looks like I'll have to sign ALL my letters in future

  THE TERMINATOR 00:07 22 Mar 2005

Start Word and in the NEW document select insert menu>Picture>From file, and insert your jpeg "signature". The file will appear in the document. Click on the jpeg and it will be highlighted with a black line and 8 blocks around the jpeg. Select Tools menu (while the jpeg is still highlighted)and Auto correct. In the box to replace, type in signature. In the box for With: leave it blank but make sure "Formatted text" is enabled. Click on add and then OK. The next time you type "signature"(without the brackets) the jpeg of your signature will appear in the document....TT

  Dirty Dick 16:44 01 Jul 2005

Sorry for delay in replying but....
Well I tried your suggestion,and it works if I use it for text entries, BUT not for an image, like my signature.

  Taff36 17:16 01 Jul 2005

Spotted the thread. I have done this before in Word 97 and I have 2002 now. So I`ll play about with it later and post back the answer as I see it. Something strikes a chord here and pressing F3 afterwards is a compromise I think!

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