Autorun Help Needed

  Pesala 21:14 02 Jun 2004

I couldn't find the answer to my earlier question in the free utilities that I looked at, so I'll try again:

I have created a CD of talks. You can see how it looks here: click here

At the moment, autorun.inf looks like this:



This loads Opera from the CD and Opera loads the home page of my CD interface: click here

All works as it should, but Opera needs to update a few files if the user creates new bookmarks, contacts or notes. The recommended way is to hide these features, but I want to use them so that my CD can include some relevant bookmarks, contacts, and notes. No problem, but it generates an error message click here if the user opens the bookmark folders or tries to make any other changes.

So how would you make autorun.inf copy the files opera6.adr, contacts.adr, and notes.adr to the user's hard disk? Opera6.ini can be modified to point to the correct path to find these files. I thought of making it run a batch file, but is there a neater solution?

Ideally, I would like to ask the user's permission before copying the files.

Someone suggested that I could use the %TEMP% path to store the *.adr files, but how would I do that?

  QuickHare 21:29 02 Jun 2004

To use the %TEMP% path, you just specify it as a path name. eg:


But to get autorun.inf to do it, well you can't it's not a full scripting file, just the bare minimum to get the program to load and specify an icon to use as the CD.

The neatest way is to create a program that handles all this for you, then as a final instruction, loads Opera from the CD. However, this would need to be created specially, and would cost you.

If anyone else has ideas, feel free to help out.

  Pesala 21:58 02 Jun 2004

Almost too many click here which is why I'm asking here. I don't need a Shareware program for this. A few lines of batch file code or maybe some way to use html to copy the files would be neat.

  Pesala 08:37 03 Jun 2004

I downloaded and installed this GNU program. It looks like it can do all I need and more, but I cannot even get started with it. Surely there is an easier way.

I used to manage just fine with Windows 3.1 free utilities for installing from floppy disks.

  Pesala 19:02 03 Jun 2004

Anyone ever created a CD front end before?

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