Autoroute now asks for disc

  Graham. 19:28 08 Jun 2008

I've re-installed M/S Works Suite 2001, but now Autoroute won't start unless I insert the CD. I get the message 'Couldn't find the Autoroute Run Disc'.

I copied the contents of the CD to the desktop, to no avail. Any ideas, please?

  Simsy 19:47 08 Jun 2008

the location, but you'll need to make a change in the registry...

The programme is expecting the disc to be in the drive that it was installed from.

Either find the location in the registry and change it, (not something I'd reccommend if you have any doubts at all about what you are doing!!!), or uninstall and reinstall, having first copied the contents of the installation disc to the HDD. Install from the HDD and the registry will expect the contents to be there.

I hope this helps?



  jimv7 19:50 08 Jun 2008

Used to get an option during the install to run it from the disk or hard drive.

  Graham. 20:54 08 Jun 2008

That's a splendid idea, I'll try it after Corry

jimv7, That's what I thought, but I didn't get the option.

  Switcher 20:59 08 Jun 2008

Run autoroute setup again from installation on the hard disc. The shortcut will then point to the hard disc instead of the CD

  Graham. 21:17 08 Jun 2008

It won't install from the hard drive, it just goes round in circles.

Time to edit the Rgistry, if someone can point the way.

  namtas 21:30 08 Jun 2008

I maybe wrong on this as it is some time ago since I used it but I seem to recall that you were given the option to either install to hard drive or run from the CD, I would assume that the option to run from the CD was of benefit when disc space was at a premium

  Graham. 21:33 08 Jun 2008

Thanks, no, you don't get that option with this program.

  Switcher 21:43 08 Jun 2008

Remove the program using add/remove then try running setup from the hard disc again

  Graham. 21:52 08 Jun 2008

Thanks, tried that.

  Graham. 22:15 08 Jun 2008

This is what I get when installing from HDD click here

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