Automatic updates? how do I??

  laptopdunce 10:45 06 Jan 2013

I have a new Sony vaio laptop and even though I have set in the control panel to have the automatic updates at 1200 hours each day, every time I log off, there is a little mark on the "shield" icon and there are ALWAYS lots of updates to install, this happens even if I log off and let all the updates install, and then log on again and within 5 minutes if I log off there are MORE updates to install!! I dont think it is installing them all properly, what should I do? I had this problem before on another computer but I cant remember how I fixed it? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  SillBill 11:01 06 Jan 2013

I had the same thing happen on a new desktop running W7 a couple of weeks ago, then I did a clean install of W7 on a laptop and it reacted similarly, I figured it was just the OS getting up to speed and just let it do its thing!

  laptopdunce 12:14 06 Jan 2013

I have a funny feeling it isnt loading all the updates, I altered the time of the day from the default 1500 hours to 1200 hours (midday) and clicked "save" but it is still doing this with all the updates (even when I log off and then log on again and then log off within 5 minutes, so I cant see that there are more updates within 5 minutes of logging off and starting up again. Also there is a very pale Sony vaio page when the laptop starts up and when it shuts down and shows the updates being downloaded, I can hardly see the white text against the very pale blue/purple Sony background, I am sure I saw a page where this can be changed - do you know where I can find that? it needs to be changed to somthing much darker so the contrast of the white text shows up much better, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE - PS I havent even TRIED to sort out that rigmarole with the windows hoto viewer yet!! I think I have to un-install the windows essentials and start again, it takes up so much time and is SO FRUSTRATING when it doesnt change anything.

  laptopdunce 14:23 09 Jan 2013

IT SEEMS TO BE ok NOW SINCe I ticked the box to not receive updates for Microsoft products (the updates that would not install were all for Microsoft office/word programme which i dont have a certifed copy of on this computer) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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