Automatic Startup

  D@z® 23:01 01 Jan 2005

Is there a way or a software program that will enable me to program my computer to turn on at a certain time. For example if downloading something rather than leaving my computer on all night getting it to turn on at say 4.00am. Thanks.

  GaT7 23:25 01 Jan 2005

Haven't come across any program quite as you describe, but FreshDownload, a free download manager, will allow you to configure your PC to automatically dialup your Internet connection at a particular time & start downloading. And if required, stop downloading at a particular time, turn off your dialup connection & shutdown your PC on completion. Before you leave it to it's own devices, you need to configure it properly & specify the URL(s) to download from. I use it on my free 1:00-7:30AM dialup connection & works well. If you need any setup help just ask. To download click here. G

  D@z® 23:30 01 Jan 2005

It might sound silly but its not the fact of saving money because I am on broadband, its I want to leave the computer to download overnight its just I cant get to sleep because of the noise coming from it. So if it turns on towards the end of the night it will be ok.

  woodchip 23:31 01 Jan 2005

You can only do it with a timer switch that you would have to modify and fit or get someone to do it for you. if it's a fairly new comp the power on switch is only a low power 5 volts push to go switch

  powerless 23:43 01 Jan 2005

My computers' BIOS allows it to start a time you set.

  GaT7 23:50 01 Jan 2005

PC WakeUp will do it?
click here - free trial, $16.95 to buy. Also found Auto Power-on & Shut-down click here - free trial, $39.95 to buy. Will return if I find a freeware/cheaper program. G

  LinuxPenguin 20:31 03 Jan 2005

have you thought aboust buying a speed restriction cable and putting it between your fan and power supply?

apart from that i would say no...

  temp003 10:54 04 Jan 2005

Assuming your computer doesn't make a big noise when it's on standby, you can try Scheduled Tasks, in combination with a download program.

Log on to the account you want to use for the downloading. Go to Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks, Add Scheduled Task, follow the wizard to choose the program (you can choose the download program, or any program just to wake up the computer first, then let the download program run itself once the computer is up and running), enter the password etc. At the end, before you click Finish, tick the box for "open advanced properties ... when I click Finish". Then click Finish. Advanced properties will open. Select Settings tab, tick the box for "Wake the computer to run this task". Click OK.

Then before you go to bed, put your computer on standby. At the time set, the computer will wake up and log on to the account and perform the task.

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