Automatic software/driver update program?

  Shortstop 11:03 06 Jan 2006


Eons ago [!] I had a nifty piece of software on my old, old PC that would advise any programs or drivers that had updates available and offer to download/install for me.

Although there was no point in a lot of program updates as the additional functionality was not a must have, the driver updates could prove useful.

Is there any software [prefereably free on this occassion] that will do this?



  Shortstop 13:23 06 Jan 2006


  VoG II 13:24 06 Jan 2006

Was it BigFix click here

  Shortstop 13:44 06 Jan 2006

No, sorry.

This program would scan the hard drive automatically monthly and look at a centralised database. You would then be advised that the following programs have been updated from version x.x to y.y and/or that the following drivers have been updated. You then clicked on an 'update and install' button & the software would download & update your selection - with you choosing 'ignore' for the other downloads.

I had it about 2 years ago .....



  Stuartli 14:23 06 Jan 2006

You might be thinking of Driver Detective.

  Granger 14:56 06 Jan 2006

Is this recommended? I never check for updates so this might be a good idea?

  sunny staines 16:24 06 Jan 2006

cnet used to run a good free program like you describe but is long since dead now.

  mattyc_92 16:28 06 Jan 2006

You don't have to....
I only look for updates for my security software (like anti-virus databases or new versions of the program itself). I never check for driver updates, unless I am having problems.

As for the rest of my programs (like Nero), I just don't bother unless, like the drivers, I am having problems or there is a new function that sounds useful...

  Shortstop 22:45 06 Jan 2006

sunny staines - that's the one! Oh well, never mind, it was just an idea - a bit like auto updates on Antivirus packages [keeps the bits smooth].

Granger - to respond to your question, the program was good as you could evaluate updates and decide if you wanted the program [buy or free trial [if the updates were of interest you went for it, if not you ignored it] and the driver update would often solve conflicts you were aware of but thought it was just a limitation of the software os a niggling glitch.

Now ticked as closed, but thanks to everyone for their input.



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