automatic shutdown connecting HD to new mainboard

  steedprance 02:43 28 Nov 2005

hey, guys
i got a new intel socket 478 processor motherboard and a Celeron D 340 Processor. i have an old hard drive with XP home already in(a surge destroyed the original Dell motherboard).
i am trying to apply this old HD to the new motherboard.
i followed the instruction from here:
click here

MY PROBLEM is when i tried to reinstall windows got the screen to select" enter, R , ESC " the computer automatically shut down.

PLZ help a newbie about this.
Thanks everyone.

  Skyver 02:46 28 Nov 2005

Do you know the drive is OK after the surge?

  steedprance 02:48 28 Nov 2005

yeah, i use this drive as a slave , test on another computer
and it works fine.

  Skyver 02:56 28 Nov 2005

Has it happened more than once? Can you make a partition on that drive and see if you can install Windows to the new partition, to test if it's the drive or some other problem? Can you successfully run a LiveCD with the new board? click here
(points to a 50mb download)

  steedprance 03:05 28 Nov 2005

yeah, it happened several times already.
i will try to make a partition.
i am sorry, i don't understand " run a live CD with the new board"
i insert the xp setup CD , and boot from the CD
then it asks to install(enter) or repair(R) or quit(ESC)
then the computer shut down.(i didn't do anything)

  Skyver 03:14 28 Nov 2005

Test your memory with this click here
Download an HD diagnostic from the relevant manufacturer - click here

  steedprance 05:13 28 Nov 2005

thanks a lot for the reply.
i don't have a working desktop, i will try to test memory and harddrive later.
actually, i got the memory from another computer directly, i think it is good and compatible to the new motherboard.

  Mr Beeline 18:02 28 Nov 2005

Hi... out of interest, is this a retail copy of Windows that you are trying to re-install?

  phono 18:12 28 Nov 2005

Memtest86 doesnt even require an OS installed as it creates a bootable floppy which runs the program from within its own built in OS.

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