Automatic printer shutdown

  immer 18:45 25 May 2006

I have a bad habbit of forgetting to switch off my printer. Please can you tell me how to get it to shut itsself down automatically after for example half an hours inactivity ?

  Jackcoms 18:48 25 May 2006

Make and model?

  immer 08:19 26 May 2006

HPdeskjet1220c so it does A3 as well as A4

  rmcqua 08:42 26 May 2006

Is there any particular reason why you want to, as modern printers are usually designed to be left powered-up continously, with very low standby power consumption?

  Jackcoms 09:23 26 May 2006

I use a Canon i850 and that has a (very useful) auto power off function.

Does your printer's manual not tell you about this feature? Or look here click here

  immer 09:31 26 May 2006

I'm under the impression that shutting down the printer helps conserve ink, a not inconsiderable expence........? (not to mention electricity cost.)

  Jackcoms 11:44 26 May 2006

The only way to conserve ink is to not print anything!!

Simply turning off the printer will have absolutely no effect at all on ink quantity (it might slightly reduce your electricity bill, though).

  rmcqua 12:28 26 May 2006

No, ink consumption will not be reduced by powering down. As for electricity consumption, your non-printing, powered up consumption is about 10 watts, so about 1 unit of electricity (15 - 20p)per 100 hours. Depends whether you consider it worth the saving, either from a financial or ecological point of view.
Please note, I am not advocating (before anybody posts) wasting electricity!

  immer 20:57 26 May 2006

I have been told somewhere that depowering helps stop the print cartridge blocking up....true or faulce ?

  Jackcoms 20:59 26 May 2006


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