automatic installation of driver...

  Sir Bob 22:07 05 Sep 2006

I have a usb bluetooth adapter & software to match, but I can't get the two to work together as XP automatically installs a different driver when I plug it in - even if I'm in the middle of installing the driver. I also tried to update the driver manually but I get the "couldn't find a better driver" message, even if I select the appropriate folder.

Any help is appreciated.

  Fellsider 22:44 05 Sep 2006

Are you loading the software before plugging in the adaptor?

  Sir Bob 08:30 06 Sep 2006

Yes, but no, but....

About half way through installing the software a message like "can't find adapter - please insert now" appears. When I insert the adapter, windows installs it for me before the software is finished installing.

  Sir Bob 21:42 09 Sep 2006

...before I use my large hammer to "fix" my problem for good.

Just for the record, it a Trust BT180 adapter. The Trust technical support has been 100% technically correct in the one reply I've had from them in the last two weeks. Shame it wasn't worth reading.

I'd return it if I hadn't won it in from some computer magazine ages ago.....

  Fellsider 11:32 11 Sep 2006

Do you have a home network?

I've google the item and it say that the software is for a home network.

  Sir Bob 21:02 11 Sep 2006

Just got a wireless router.

Had a Google, but didn't find much info. Plenty for sale though!

  Fellsider 14:08 12 Sep 2006

Sorry, I don't think that I can think of anything else.

  Sir Bob 18:06 12 Sep 2006

Thanks for your time Fellsider.

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