Automatic download of sold product

  Iceman244 18:31 14 Oct 2009

I am setting up my first website and will selling a downloadable product on the site.

I have been recommended to get PayPal website payments standard.

My website will be a one page website so website standard plus seems perfect as I can just add the “buy now” button in order to accept card payments, and then the money goes into my PayPal account.

The problem is I am now stuck with how to get the product to the customer.

What I want is once the customer has paid by card and the payment has gone through, for them to be taken to a download page or be able to download the product.

Is this done via PayPal and they allow the customer to download the product?

If not how is best to do this, so as once the customer has paid they automatically download or get sent the product? I don’t really want to have to reply to each customer one at a time sending an attachment.

I am really stuck on this one and any help would be much appreciated.

  Forum Editor 00:21 15 Oct 2009

is to run a download script. There are lots of them, but if you click here you'll be able to get one that is very simple to install and manage.

  Iceman244 21:06 15 Oct 2009

Thank you very much I have had a look at the script and it sounds perfect,I just hope I can set it up ok.

Would you say its fairly simple and once purchased it comes with instructions?

The other thing I was going to ask is regarding the format of my ebook. I wrote it in word and then converted it in a PDF file.

Is PDF the normal format that ebooks are sold and distributed in?

Thanks again for your help so far it really is much appreciated

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